Grapefruit: full of vitamins Grapefruit is a fruit with great nutritional and healing properties, a powerful plant …


Grapefruit is a fruit with great nutritional and healing properties, a mighty plant native to the Barbados Islands is still cultivated all over the world and, as its structure remembers, belongs to the citrus family. Its extreme richness lies in the large quantity of mineral salts and vitamins contained in it as well as being a precious treasure chest of indispensable elements such as flavonoids as well as important antioxidant and anticancer properties.

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Citrus from the juicy pulp and highly precious, it has seen wide diffusion all over the world and ben has taken root on the sunny shores of Europe. Flourishing and luxuriant, it also grows in the Americas especially in the expanses of Florida and Texas but also in many areas of East Asia and South Africa. There are many varieties, with yellow skin and light and juicy pulp a that more intense and known, better known as Grapefruit Rosé.


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Grapefruit: origins and cultivation

Citrus with multiple properties, his crop is important and prolific mostly during the winter months, but thanks to import it is now possible to find it on the market all year round. The plant with mighty shrubs is known to botanists under the scientific name Citrus paradisi is to all intents and purposes falls within the great and precious citrus family.

It was originally placed in the category of citrus but it has since been deduced from some studies that it comes in a hybrid, which is the result of a cross between pomelo and orange which gave rise to this juicy, precious fruit with multiple nutritional properties. The plant It shows up in nature particularly vigorous, high and with mighty shrubs and is among the most beautiful evergreen characterized from leaves lanceolate with an intense and brilliant dark green color.

The flowers make this plant among the most fragrant of the whole category, white and in clusters they reveal themselves as a true spectacle of nature. In the middle of winter they are harvested the juicy fruits, also known as hesperides that sthe have large and rounded and color bright yellow. Compared to lemons or cedars, the peel of grapefruits is rather thin and the inside is soft and spongy while the pulp is extremely tasty, albeit accentuated by acidic and bitter notes.


Varieties of grapefruit


Nature, luxuriant and generous, offers many variety of cultivar including the Duncan currently the most widespread and easily recognizable thanks to the intense yellow color of the skin and the strong and pungent bitter taste that distinguishes it from the other sisters. It is among the most commercialized and used thanks to its soft and extremely juicy pulp which is well suited to the market needs for the food industry in obtaining fresh juices.

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Pink grapefruit

This variety of grapefruit better known as pink or rosé is a very recent cultivation, the result of a graft made by growers looking for a product more pleasant on the palate and with a less sour taste and sour. This grapefruit variety undoubtedly has a more delicate flavor it has smaller fruits and a pale pink color and they are more and more requested and appreciated thanks to the sweeter flavor notes able to make this fruit more versatile and digestible.


Ugli grapefruit

The market demands and the increasingly refined botanical knowledge and techniques have led over the years to the development and birth of new grafts able to satisfy the market and vary its offer. An attempt was made to obtain from the grapefruit plant fruits that they could be sweeter and tastier giving rise to tasty and juicy first fruits like the mapo, the known cross between mandarin and grapefruit while in the sunny lands of Jamaica from the crossing between clementines and grapefruit gave rise to a product singular named ugli, recognizable from other varieties by its rough and rough appearance, whose skin is thick, slightly spongy and typical sweet taste.



This variety it is easily recognizable when cut for way of his greyish-green pulp with a good level of acidity mixed with sweetness, useful to balance the typically sour taste of the original variety. Its most widespread use it is intended for the preparation of fresh salads and it’s the perfect touch to embellish and flavor succulent second courses of fish or sweets with a typically exotic taste.


Grapefruit: benefits and contraindications

Grapefruit, like many other citrus fruits, is a faithful ally of the line thanks to its reduced caloric intake compared to other fruits that are normally consumed every day. Much suggested for those who follow restrictive slimming regimes has the main function of contribute to the fat burning action with the aim of purifying the body. Very useful in accelerating the digestive processes It has a good amount of citric acid which, in addition to stimulating digestive enzymes, positively contributes avoiding discomfort and acidity to the digestive system.

Being very rich in fiber, highly palatable is useful for its satiating power and therefore recommended for those who follow a careful diet and weighted. Notable I’m the its draining properties which help reduce the absorption of sugars promoting the purification of the organism besides being a lot rich in antioxidants which prove to be a valid support in the liver purification processes.


Grapefruit among the thousand healing and purifying properties should be taken in moderation because it could be the cause of important contraindications especially if you are taking drugs. Many studies have, in fact, confirmed that constant consumption of grapefruit may cause a significant increase in the absorption of some medicines inhibiting a particular type of enzymes called CYP3A in charge of the liver for the metabolization of these drugs.

Grapefruit in addition to its consumption whole, sliced ​​or in juice it can also be used for external use in the form of essential oil being as such a liquid with a strong stimulating power and therefore, widespread in phytocosmetics and aromatherapy.

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Grapefruit, full of vitamins: photos and images

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