Gym for beginners – where to start, tips and tricks

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Gym workout for beginners

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Sooner or later, everything happens for the first time. Guys who dream of pumping up impressive muscles happen to move on to realizing their dreams in practice, finally getting to the gym. And already here the eternal question of the siloviki arises before them with all the urgency. What to do? In this article, you will learn what a basic training program for beginners in the gym should look like.

Experienced athletes face the same question. As a rule, experienced athletes know the answer to this question in advance. For someone a training program is prescribed by a coach. Someone takes techniques on the Internet and adapts them to their goals and needs. Someone has everything planned for a couple of months in advance, and someone tries to come up with something new at every workout.

But what should a guy do who has just crossed the threshold of the gym?

Of course, you can fully rely on the coach, something can be shaken out of the local “big guys”. However, a coach may be a pure “theoretician” who paid for paid courses, but did nothing of what he was “taught” there, and the local “big guys” also lack coaching skills. Honestly, sometimes some training programs are perplexing, or even simply terrifying.

Therefore, among other things, it is advisable to know some things yourself, without relying entirely on others.

A weekly gym workout program should include:

If it is not possible to do these exercises in the gym (since there are only simulators in the gym), run from there without hesitation. Otherwise, your workouts will be a waste of time.

Of course, you need to start with small loads, then gradually increase them.

An introductory mass training program for beginners will prepare the muscles for work, as well as teach the correct technique.

Workouts take place three times a week every other day, for example – Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Workouts 1 and 2 alternate every other time. The first 4 workouts, all exercises are performed in 2 approaches, then you should switch to 3 approaches. In the fourth and eighth weeks, “light” workouts are advisable, in which the weights will be slightly reduced.

Do not chase weights, in the beginning you need to master the correct technique for performing the exercises.

You should not immediately chase kilograms. But, if you have mastered the specified number of repetitions in all of these approaches, you can (and sometimes need to) add weight. Before training, a short, about 10 minutes, warm-up is required, after training – a 5-minute stretch and hangs on the bar.

After the introductory course, the beginner’s workout should be devoted to building muscle mass and developing strength and strength endurance. A very common mistake for beginners is to do exercises with a small weight a large number of times (20 or more). The overall tonnage turns out to be solid, but all this is work at low weights, which is not particularly effective for gaining muscle mass, but rather is intended for training general endurance, which is a cross between strength and aerobic training.

Below is an example of a basic program for beginners. Classes are also three days a week, however, the loads are already more solid.

It is quite possible to take this program as a basis and work out on it for at least two months, after which you can evaluate the dynamics of weight gain. If the growth is good, you can continue to study according to the program.

If the training program works, you should not be perverted and look for a secret technique.

Subsequently, you can change some of the exercises from the program. For example, replace the deadlift with a deadlift with straight legs, or alternate the two types of deadlift after a week. Replace the wiring with a pullover, pull-ups – …

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