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Shoulder Exercises in the Gym (in Pictures)

Exercises for the development of shoulders in the gym (in pictures)

Before considering exercises on the shoulders in the gym, consider what functions the shoulder muscles perform.

The muscles of the shoulders raise and lower the scapula, participate in the movement of the shoulder in all directions.

In all movements that involve the movement of the arms, the muscles of the shoulder work. Since the muscles of the shoulders (deltoids) are associated with the body and arms, their activity and development occurs along with the muscles of the back, chest, arms and abdomen. Exercises for the shoulders and are aimed at developing the muscles of the shoulder.

The muscles of the shoulders (deltoids) are divided into three groups:

1. Anterior deltoid muscles.
2. Posterior deltoid muscles.
3. Middle deltoid muscles.

For different muscle groups of the shoulder, there are special shoulder exercises

Shoulder Exercises: Medium Deltas

1. Press the bar from behind the head while sitting

This exercise involves most of all the middle bundles of the deltoid muscles and the top of the trapezium, the serratus anterior muscle and triceps also work.

2. Seated dumbbell press

This exercise mainly involves the mid-deltas, as well as the upper trapezoid, triceps, and serratus anterior.

3. Lifting dumbbells to the sides

Dumbbell lifts to the sides develop the middle part of the deltoid muscle, which consists of several bundles attached to the humerus.

4. Lifting a dumbbell to the side with one hand while lying on its side

In contrast to the “standing” position, in which the load grows gradually, reaching a maximum in the upper phase, when lifting the dumbbell to the side with one hand lying on its side, the main load is already in the initial phase of the movement.

5. Raising one hand to the side from the lower block

Raising one arm to the side from the lower block trains the deltoid muscle, especially its middle part.

6. Shoulder front broach

the frontal broach includes the deltoid muscles of the shoulder (mainly the middle delta), trapezium and biceps, and also involves the forearms, abdominal muscles, sacro-lumbar muscles and buttocks in the work.

7. Raising arms to the sides on the simulator

The machine side raises primarily engage the midsection of the deltoid muscles.

Shoulder Exercises: Front Deltas

8. Press the barbell from the chest while sitting

The Seated Chest Press is a basic exercise that mainly develops the anterior and mid-deltoid muscles, upper chest, upper trapezium, serratus anterior, triceps, and supraspinatus.

9. Arnold press

The dumbbell press with wrist twists trains the deltoid muscle of the shoulder, mainly the anterior delta, as well as the clavicular chest, serratus anterior and triceps.

10. Lifting dumbbells forward alternately

Forward dumbbell lifts alternately work mainly on the anterior part of the deltoid muscle, the clavicular part of the chest and, to a lesser extent, the middle delta.

11. Raising one arm forward from the lower block while standing

Raising one arm forward from the lower block while standing works in the 1st turn the anterior delta and the clavicular part of the chest, and to a lesser extent the short biceps bundle.

12. Raises arms forward with one dumbbell

Raising the arms forward with one dumbbell work out the front of the deltoid muscles, the clavicle of the chest and a short bundle of biceps.

13. Raises the bar forward

Forward barbell lifts work the anterior delta, upper chest, infraspinatus muscle, and to a lesser extent the trapezium, serratus anterior muscles and a short biceps bundle.

Shoulder Exercises: Rear Deltas

14. Lifting dumbbells to the sides in a forward bend

Dumbbell curls to the side in a forward bend mainly load the back of the deltoids.

15. Cross swing arms back from the upper blocks

Cross-swinging arms back from the upper blocks mainly involves the rear deltas.

16. Cross swing arms back from the lower blocks in the slope

Cross swing arms back from the lower blocks in an inclination load the deltoid muscles, primarily their back.

17. Swing hands back with the handles of the simulator

Swing back arms with the handles of the simulator train the deltoid muscles, especially the back, the small round muscle, the infraspinatus muscle.

We’ve covered almost every back exercise in the gym. The description uses pictures that are more descriptive. The choice is only yours.


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Anterior shoulder muscle group

When you move your arms in almost any direction – up, down, back, forward, sideways, etc. – your shoulders are responsible for all this (or at least participate in it). The ingenious design of the shoulder joints makes the shoulders one of the most mobile and versatile parts of your body.

Unfortunately, their tremendous mobility also makes the deltoid and adjacent muscles called the rotator cuffs particularly vulnerable to injury. How to be? Read this article carefully for all kinds of gym exercises that can help strengthen your shoulders and prevent them from damaging them. And if disco dancing ever comes back into fashion, you’ll be ready for it.

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Posterior shoulder muscle group

Officially, the shoulder muscles are called deltoides, or deltoid… They are like two caps covering both of your shoulder joints on top (the best way to see them is to stretch your arm horizontally). If we talk about the structure, then the deltoid consists of three parts.

  • Central. The upper, or middle, deltoid muscle is located at the top of the shoulder. When it shrinks, you get …

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