Height 1 height 2 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 growth of military uniform

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 the height of a military uniform – how much is it in centimeters?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 the height of a military uniform – how much is it in centimeters?

  • The size of a military uniform is usually indicated by prime numbers. Let’s take a closer look:

    Size 1-2 – this uniform will fit soldiers with a height of 155 to 167 cm,

    Size 2-3 – this shape will suit men with a height of 168 cm to 179 cm,

    Size 3-4 – this shape will fit a soldier with a height of 174 cm to 179 cm,

    Size 5-6 – This shape will fit a height of 180 cm – 191 cm.

  • The first and second heights correspond to 158-164 centimeters in height of a soldier;

    The third and fourth heights correspond to 170-176 centimeters in the height of a soldier;

    The fifth and sixth heights correspond to the 182-188 cm height of a soldier.

    In details:

  • Yes, the military is distinguished by its brevity so that no one gets confused. You just need to learn which number corresponds to which.

    For women

    1/2 is 146-152

    3/4 is 158-164

    5/6 is 170-176

    7/8 is 182-188


    1 – 146

    2 – 152

    3 – 158

    4 – 164

    5 – 170

    6 – 176

    7 – 182

    8 – 188

    For men:

    The growth of a typical male figure

    1/2 is 158-164

    3/4 is 170-176

    5/6 is 182-188


    1 – 158

    2 – 164

    3 – 170

    4 – 176

    5 – 182

    6 – 188

    Also, in the designations of the size range, in some cases, other numbers are used, which contain information about growth in relation to size, it reveals the dimension of the series in more detail:

  • It is quite easy to decipher the values ​​of the growth of a military uniform, consider which figure corresponds to a person’s height:

    If you take the first and second forms, then it corresponds to a person’s height from one hundred and fifty-eight to one hundred and sixty-four centimeters.

    If you take the following indicators, as the third and fourth, then they already in turn correspond to the growth from one hundred seventy to one hundred seventy six.

    And if we take the last group, which corresponds to the fifth and sixth sizes, then here the growth is already from one hundred and eighty-two to one hundred and eighty-eight centimeters.

    It’s so easy to find out the correspondence of each group.

  • The size of the military uniform is calculated according to a special table, where each figure is assigned a certain height of a person. This table starts with one and ends with size 7. Here is a table of the length of the military uniform:

  • Growth in military uniform corresponds to a certain size, which will help to determine which the following table will help:

    GROWTH I-II 158-164 centimeters

    GROWTH III-IV 170-176 centimeters

    GROWTH V – VI 182-188 centimeters

    In general, everything is clear and understandable.

    Anyone can get acquainted with the information on GOSTs for military uniforms at this link.

    The military uniform must be kept in clean good condition and fit flawlessly on the soldier. Those who are in active service in the army and navy, as well as cadets of various military schools, have the right to wear military uniforms. In addition, the right to wear a uniform remains with those servicemen who have retired with the right to wear a uniform.

  • The dimensions of the military uniform.

    There are six (in some sources seven) sizes military uniform

    And, of course, each size has its own size (human height).

    The first height of the military uniform is 158cm (from 155cm to 161cm)

    The second height of the military uniform corresponds to 164cm (from 161cm to 167cm)

    The third height is 170cm (from 167cm to 173cm)

    The fourth height of the military uniform – 176cm (from 173cm to 179cm)

    The fifth height of the form corresponds to 182cm (from 179cm to 185cm)

    The sixth height of the military uniform is 188cm (from 185cm to 191cm)

    The seventh height of the form corresponds to 194cm (from 191cm to 197cm)

    And this is the correspondence of the growth and volume of the breast:

  • The size of a military uniform is always and everywhere denoted by simple numbers from 1 to 6. These sizes can be deciphered as follows:

    1-2 – the growth of a soldier from 155 to 167 cm,

    Size 2-3 – the height of a soldier is from 168 cm to 179 cm,

    Size 3-4 – soldier’s height from 174 cm to 179 cm,

    Size 5-6 – the height of a soldier is from 180 cm to 191 cm.

  • The military uniform is defined in size from one to seven. Each digit means the growth of the military:

    The first and second mold sizes correspond to 158-164 cm;

    The third and fourth sizes of the form correspond to 170-176 cm;

    The fifth and sixth form sizes correspond to 182-188 cm.

  • Since the growth in military uniform is indicated a little differently than usual, that is, the need to find out whether it corresponds to the usual growth. So:

    As you can see, each height corresponds to each of its growth ranges.

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