Home workouts for the buttocks – 9 best exercises for the buttocks at home

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The best exercises for the buttocks at home

Elastic and toned buttocks are a worthy decoration for any figure. For optimal results, it is important not only to diet but also to exercise regularly. You can pump up beautiful buttocks at home without the help of a professional trainer in the gym.

Home workout rules for the buttocks

Remove excess fat from the “fifth” point, you can make it round and elastic. The main thing is not to be lazy and do the full range of exercises. It is impossible to give the body a sporty, seductive and fit look only with the help of special cosmetics. Next-generation nutritional supplements and express diets will not produce ideal results.

Only systematic home workouts, if there is no time to visit the gym, will help to pump the gluteal muscles. Daily loads will activate their activity and achieve hypertrophy. However, to achieve optimal results, it is necessary to correctly and correctly build the training process. It is necessary to give the muscles a good load.

Having decided to pump up the buttocks at home, it is worth considering several key rules for sports loads. First of all, you should give up self-pity. Only a strengthened approach and systematic exercises can bring really noticeable results. It is necessary to perform a certain number of approaches and repetitions. The problem area should literally burn. Work should be done at intervals of one day to pump the desired area.

If the zone should not only be pumped, but also to achieve a decrease in the volume of the fat layer, it is recommended to alternate training with various types of aerobic exercise and jogging.

The exercises recommended for strengthening the gluteus muscles can be varied. Correction is allowed:

  • using extra weight;
  • the number of repetitions;
  • sequence of exercises.

Effective approaches will allow you to improve your body not only for women, but also for men who strive to form ideal contours.

It is recommended to warm up thoroughly before class. For this, only 5 minutes will be sufficient. This time should be spent on swinging your arms, jumping, running in place and turning the body. Simple movements, which are not difficult for almost any lady to cope with, will help warm up the muscles and tune the body to the load.

Exercises for beautiful buttocks at home from Makeeva Natalia. Video

Squats: benefits and performance

In fitness, something new is constantly emerging. However, no innovation can be as effective in improving the appearance of the buttocks than a standard complex that includes:

  • bridges;
  • lunges;
  • intense swings;
  • a variety of squats.

Squats are considered one of the most effective glute exercises. The classic approach has several different interpretations. Technically, this is a rather difficult trick, especially when you need to perform it in several approaches.

To make the rear view much more attractive, it is worth doing squats thoughtfully and thoroughly. Legs are set slightly wider than shoulder position. The back should be perfectly flat. Movements begin backward with the pelvis. You can imagine that there is a chair behind your back, on the edge of which you need to sit down. When lowering the hips on a single parallel with the floor level, you need to return to the starting position.

The emphasis is always on the heels. When exiting a squat, you cannot roll over onto your toes. You do not need to bend your back and lower back. Tilting your head is also not recommended. The wider your legs are, the deeper you can squat. This ensures optimal development of the gluteal muscle. When performing the exercise, you must try to strain the muscles in the problem area to the maximum.

The knees should not go beyond the socks. They should be placed at right angles and in a stable position.

When performing the exercise, you must:

  1. Put your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, moreover, the socks turn to the sides.
  2. The arms are extended in front of you or crossed over the chest.
  3. As you exhale, you need to sit down, having achieved the position of the hips parallel to the floor surface.
  4. As you inhale, you need to rise.
  5. One approach is equal to 30 squats.

Plie squats and lunges

There is a great variation on this exercise. These are plie squats. This type of load perfectly works out the problem area, since the inner part of the thigh is connected here.

For the correct execution of the exercise, you need to spread your legs wide and turn the socks outward as much as possible. Plisse squats are performed with strict consideration of the position of the knees. In this case, the pelvis must be “taken” back. If you want to complicate the exercise, then at the moment of maximum tension, you can make 3 up-and-down movements, springing a little and creating vibration.

Without weights, squatting will take many times to get a good result. You can understand that exercise is beneficial by a burning sensation in the problem area.

Lunges also help to pump up the buttocks. This is a kind of interpretation of a skater’s workout, allowing you to work out a difficult area, where a lot of fat often accumulates. This exercise is attractive in that it:

  • perfectly tones the whole body;
  • allows you to improve coordination of movements;
  • activates the work of the gluteal muscles.

Lunges can be done with an emphasis on the knees or elbows. The heels should be facing the ceiling. You can put your hands in front of you. The elbows are placed on the floor, and the belly must be pulled up. In this case, the pelvis should be slightly above shoulder level.


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