how much water you need to drink and how much you can drink after training

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Is it okay to drink water during, as well as before and after training

Can i drink water while exercising? How much to drink it? Is it better before or after? Every second student asks such questions, and no one gets unambiguous answers to them. To begin with, you cannot drink water during exercise. When you exercise, you cannot eat, chew, or swallow anything. You need to concentrate on the exercise: breathing and technique.

But between approaches or repetitions, drinking is allowed. This is what we will mean every time, sorting out what to drink during training.

Why drink water

A person consists of millions of small cells – cells. Each cell is more than 90 percent water. Water is 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. What then, you ask, takes up the remaining 10 percent? Dry residue. These are different substances: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro and macronutrients.

So, water is the solvent of all substances. In fact, water has a lot of functions. And it is the presence of water on Earth that makes the planet habitable.

The role of water in the body:

  • Maintains the constancy of the internal environment.
  • The water provides a stable pressure that prevents the cell from collapsing. It creates volumes, realizes the mechanical strength and elasticity of the cell.
  • It is a solvent for all substances, a medium for chemical reactions.
  • This is a thermostat. Water has excellent thermal capacity and retains heat. This makes our body temperature easier to regulate.
  • Transport within the body for all substances.
  • And much more.

Let’s finish the logical chain: if there is no water, there will be no life.

On the one hand, water is contained in the body. On the other hand, we sweat, spit, cry, go to the toilet. That is, we constantly release water. And a lot of substances, by the way, too.

Hence the need to drink fluids. Our body is designed very cunningly – it will not be possible to “forget” to drink water. The body provides a constant flow of fluid into the body through the feeling of thirst.

Another question is that this thirst begins to torment a person when drinking is already vital. Until then, thirst can be ignored. This is the problem of many people, so they do not gain the required number of liters per day.

So, you need to drink water in order to live. It’s simple.

Why you should drink water during exercise

During physical exercise, the human body sweats more than at rest. Someone says that in an hour of training, you can lose 1 kg due to the effusion of 1 liter of liquid. These are very rough estimates, so we can only talk about approximate values.

Many people say that there is no point in drinking water during training: how much we drink, so much sweat will disappear from us. First, it will come out a little less. Secondly, many of the substances contained in the water will remain in the body and will be expelled along with the urine. A solid part will settle in the cells and will help them in life. And thirdly, without water, the body gets serious stress.

Heart rate increases during exercise. Have you noticed? Blood is a liquid, it also consists of many percent (about 80) water. Together with sweat, water also leaves the blood. The latter becomes thick. And thick blood is harder for the heart to drive than liquid blood. In this case, the heart receives a harmful load. And the thicker the blood, the worse the heart. Imagine the load placed on the atria and ventricles to pump the viscous mass.

Thick blood does not pass well into peripheral tissues, it (oh my God!) Hardly washes the muscles that we pump so hard. Here’s another important reason why you need to drink while exercising. Good blood flow is great nutrition. Remember this causal relationship once and for all.

Thick blood hardly reaches the brain. And here it smacks of a stroke. Nobody needs it. It’s also the answer to whether you can drink water after exercise.

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