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BMI with Account for Age, Physique: Calculate Weight + TOP-5 Myths

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It is important for a woman of any age to be beautiful and healthy. Not knowing your ideal weight, it is difficult to control it and prevent obesity, or vice versa – a lack of mass. In the article below, we will show you how to determine your ideal weight (

BMI taking into account age), and also talk about many important nuances associated with the figure.

Contents of this article:

What is BMI

BMI is body mass index. Allocate normal indicators for each age group:

Age BMI norm
19-24 19-24
25-34 20-25
35-44 21-26
45-54 22-27
55-64 23-28
Over 65 24-29

Table with a breakdown of indicators:

Strong severity
Lack of mass 16-18.4
Norm 18.5-24.5
Excess > 25
The last stage before obesity 25-29.9
Obesity > 30
First stage 30-34.9
Second stage 35-39.9
Third stage > 40

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Calculation formula

Classic calculation formula:

BMI = your weight: (height * height)

Example # 1

  • Height – 160, weight – 55, age – 34
  • BMI = 55: (160 * 160) = 0.002148
  • Round off the number, leaving only the first 4 digits after the zeros. It turns out that BMI = 21.48
  • 21.48 – falls between 20-25, following the table. This means that the body mass index is normal, there is no threat to health.

Example No. 2

  • Height – 178, weight – 79, age – 22
  • BMI = 85: (178 * 178) = 0.00268274
  • Round off the number, leaving the first 4 digits after zero. Therefore, BMI = 26.82
  • 26.82 – the last stage before obesity, urgent action is needed, high health risk

Example No. 3

  • Height – 182, weight – 98, age – 44
  • BMI = 98: (172 * 172) = 0.0033125
  • Round off the number, leaving the first 4 digits after zero. BMI = 33.12
  • 33.12 – the first stage of obesity, high health risk

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Calculating the ideal body weight

In medicine, there is a concept of normal weight based on the calculation of mass, age and physique. This is necessary to monitor your overall health. Doctors have identified several popular methods, we will consider the most popular of them, including the classic one, which we wrote about above.

1Tables of Egorov and Levitsky

According to the physique, there are 3 types:

  • Asthenics – a lean physique, elongated body parts.
  • Normostenics – a slender body, endurance, well-developed muscles.
  • Hypersthenics – a round body, muscles are poorly developed.

BMI table

By age:

BMI table

2Index Kegle

Kegle index

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Overweight and obesity: causes


A person is depressed, or going through difficult stressful stages in life, trying to seize all the problems. Psychologists identify such a disorder as binge eating disorder. Such problems are treated only at an appointment with a psychotherapist, with the participation of special drugs.

Incorrect writing habits

Often, in obese people, relatives are about the same mass. This is due to the wrong eating habits in the family from the series “if you drink tea, then always with bagels and pies.” When a person grows up in such a culture, he transfers it to adulthood, subsequently suffering from excess weight.

Wrong way of life

A person sleeps and moves a little, but eats a lot. Often this problem occurs among workers with a sedentary lifestyle, or the unemployed who sit all day in front of the TV or computer.

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How to lose weight once and for all

If the result showed obesity or overweight, then it’s time to start losing weight. Obesity occurs not only on the external level, but also on the internal – organs are also obese, which disrupts their work.

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Effective methods

1Healthy food

You don’t have to starve, but your mental health will not be affected… If you are a lover of sweet and unhealthy, then pay attention to the recipes for healthy pizzas, hamburgers – they are just as tasty, but made from healthy products.

By eating healthy food, you lose weight more slowly but more effectively – having changed your lifestyle, you will no longer be drawn to the usual fast food and other harmfulness, your appearance will improve significantly, and your energy will increase several times!

2 Drinking plenty of fluids

Goes in addition to a healthy diet. Often, dehydration is the cause of unnecessary meals and teas with cookies and chocolates.

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Ineffective methods


You will read the reasons for the inefficiency below, in the “myths” section.

2Diet restrictions to several foods

If the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals, hair loss, problems with the skin and teeth, and a bunch of other consequences appear.

3Losing weight with drugs

Are fraught with addiction, short-term effects and parasites in the stomach.

4Losing weight by cleansing the body after every meal (vomiting or diarrhea).

Are fraught with loss of teeth, hair and ulcers.

5 Water restrictions

Maximum you will achieve dehydration, which will negatively affect the functioning of the organs and skin of the face.

6Daily sports

To be effective, strength training must be distributed so that the muscles have time to recover. If this does not happen, the body begins to work for wear and tear, without giving bright results.

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1 “I will go on a diet first, and then on proper nutrition”

Many people want instant results by resorting to diets, since proper nutrition will not give a plummet in the first days. The truth is that more than 50% of those practicing such tactics often fail or give up.

Let’s analyze the terms in more detail:

Proper nutrition

A balanced diet rich in useful vitamins and minerals. If a person adheres to such a lifestyle, then he maintains a healthy weight and …

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