How to choose the pillow for the neck Do you suffer from neck pain? Do you need special support when you sleep? The neck pillow is …


Do you suffer from cervical? Do you need special support when you sleep? The neck pillow is the best ally to combat pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and head. Materials, ergonomics and external coating. Let’s see what you need to know before buying a neck pillow.


Choose the pillow right for ours rest it is essential because a bed we spend a third of our life. Correct rest is not only affected by the choice of a mattress suitable for our needs, but also the availability of a pillow that allows you to take one during the night position correct. They are increasingly common among people i annoyances related to cervical which translate not only into pains persistent, but also in stiffening of the neck and difficulty in sleeping well. What you need know before choosing a pillow.


What is the cervical?

The term cervical o neck pain usually refers to ainflammation of a part of the neck, where the vertebrae of the cervical district. Seven small bones which form a kind of structure lasts which allows muscles and tendons to give mobility to head. When this part ignites, various discomfort can be felt.

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Dizziness and dizziness, pains local or extended to shoulders and other parts of the body, are some of the problems more frequent. But what are the remedies? Among the various solutions there is certainly to adopt a correct one posture during the sleep, choosing a pillow suitable.


How the cervical pillow works

Because the neck pillow is capable of reduce the ache? Because it reproduces a perfect alignment between spine and neck, during sleep, so avoid pressure on vertebrae and eliminating the pains and done stiffening muscular.


How to choose the pillow for the neck

There are various types, they are divided according to their use and to materials in which they are made. THE pillows for the cervical are designed for improve there posture of the body and can bring meaning benefits. The pillow, adapting perfectly to the form of the body, favors the relaxation neck muscles, reducing the feeling of numbness and soreness.

A neck pillow can be recognized by the particular form to wave, with the central part where the lower head rests and the higher sides. This will allow the shoulders to adhere perfectly to the mattress and to the neck download there voltage accumulated during the day.

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What to evaluate

Elements not to be underestimated when choosing the pig cheek I’m there width and theheight. These two factors significantly affect the quality of our rest. In general the width of a pillow should not be less than one meter, but it should cover the same size of the shoulders, to prevent the head from falling outside this perimeter during sleep.

Me too’height plays a very important role. A pillow that is too high or too low leads the individual to take one unnatural position, this generates the appearance of pain and soreness. L’average height for a pillow it should be come on 13 ai 15 centimeters.

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Neck pillows can be purchased in two different types of material: in latex and in memory foam. The latter in particular adapts perfectly to the shape of the head, because it’s sensitive to the hot and therefore perfectly follows the line of the body.

Memory foam is one foam of latex that you deform under the weight of the head and with the heat emanated it adapts perfectly to the shape of the neck, eliminating any points of pressure which can cause pain and discomfort. The latex instead it is a material hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-mite, breathable and non-deformable, for which it does not undergo variations following use.



THE pillows for the cervical they are distinguished from the others in particular by theirs ergonomics. In particular they are more rigid and they have one wavy shape to favor the circulation of the blood and to fit the neck lines.


External coating

Although at first glance it may seem like a marginal factor, choosing the coating right is important for the correct functionality of our pillow, for yours freshness and its duration over time. THE coatings on the market the best and most expensive are those in cotton or wool.

Effective are also i treatments that are made on coatings because they aim to make property beneficial. Among these treatments, the one ataloe true. Before purchasing our neck pillow, you should make sure that the upholstery is removable cover and machine washable, for greater hygiene and better quality of our sleep.


How to clean

Unlike the other pillows, those for the neck do not lend themselves well to wash, because they are more porous and extremely delicate. For this reason, washing is not recommended for memory foam pillows, while for those in latex, it can be done, but only a temperatures very low, to prevent them from getting damaged and losing their ability to adapt to the body.



How much does a neck pillow cost? THE prices I am extremely variables depending on the material, structure and technical characteristics. Generally this cost can range from a minimum of 25 euros to 80 euros for the best brands on the market.

How to choose the pillow for the neck


If you are forced to to travel often, for work or for fun, and you want rest safely even during these trips, you can buy a pillow for the cervical from travel.
It has the feature form to C. to fit and to sustain at best the neck even while you are seated. Using this cook you can travel comfortably and sleep without having problems when you wake up.


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