How to Increase Testosterone Levels with Nutrition

Testosterone levels can be raised not only by medical means. Below we take a look at scientifically proven methods to boost testosterone.

How to increase testosterone levels with nutritionHow to Increase Testosterone Levels with Nutrition

Normal testosterone levels are essential for everyone to live a fulfilling life. It is responsible for muscle gain, body fat levels, physical performance, sexual performance, and many other functions. By raising it artificially, using hormonal drugs, you can harm your health. So let’s take a look at how to increase testosterone through natural nutrition.

Eat a healthy diet

Diet for burning fat is not our help here. When you are not eating your favorite foods, your workout energy drops and your libido weakens. During the period of cutting calories and “drying” the level of testosterone will fall below the baseboard, and this is not a joke, but a fact.

One study showed a 50 percent drop in testosterone levels after just 8 days of a low-calorie diet. Another study found that rapid weight loss, such as cutting weight before a competition, has a profound effect on testosterone levels.

The phenomenon of falling testosterone during diet is a widely discussed issue in the nutritional literature.

Even setting these studies aside, ask any bodybuilder or MMA fighter how weight loss affects their sex life. I guess 90% of them would say their libido was close to throwing back their hooves. This is due to low testosterone levels.

Moral of the story: If your fat burning period is accompanied by low testosterone, stop your diet and eat a normal meal! If you need to lose weight, create a small calorie deficit and train harder.

Sports nutrition and testosterone-boosting drugs

It turns out that in order to become an “alpha male”, you only need proper nutrition. Eat carrots and cabbage, or better yet, buy a ZMA (zinc magnesium complex), as zinc will help you in this matter.

Zinc deficiency can lead to low testosterone levels in men. And this fact is not from the category of “British scientists have found out”, but a phenomenon carefully considered in several studies. In many of them, the intake of sports nutrition and supplements containing zinc, led to almost a twofold increase in testosterone levels.

Therefore, if you are seriously puzzled by the question of raising testosterone, watch your zinc levels. If you are an advanced athlete, ZMA is essential for you.

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More sun and vitamin D

Low vitamin D content is bad for maintaining high testosterone levels. Several studies have shown how vitamin D levels affect testosterone reduction.

Indeed, there is some kind of causal connection. A one-year sample of 54 men showed that those who received enough vitamin D increased total, bioactive, and free testosterone levels. Therefore, to maintain normal testosterone levels, men need to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D. The recommendations are simple: walk more in sunny weather, and in the cold season, take a vitamin-mineral complex rich in vitamin D. Unfortunately, in some regions of Russia, sunny days can be counted by fingers. If you live in these climates, it is advisable to take vitamin D throughout the year.

About a beautiful field

A woman is one of the best ways to boost testosterone naturally.

Seriously, spend more time with attractive girls!

You might think that this is definitely about sex. Not at all! Sex has been proven to be a great testosterone booster, but that’s not the point right now. The very presence of a girl and communication has a positive effect on testosterone.

Scientists have found that a five-minute conversation with a beautiful woman can increase testosterone by up to 30%.

Here’s a real homework case. Meet a charming model or just a pretty girl from your gym. Chat with her for 5 minutes to increase testosterone levels. Then ask her out on a date. In any case, you have nothing to lose, and if she agrees, everyone will be in the black. Including your testosterone levels.


No one wants low testosterone levels, which is no good. You can start hormone replacement therapy, sometimes a necessary step, but over time it becomes a burden for life. There are many other known ways to increase testosterone before starting treatment.

The first thing to do is to stop sticking to a strict diet all the time. Scientists have proven time and again that weight loss negatively affects testosterone levels. If you want to lose fat and lose weight, use less drastic methods and take your time.

Eat a healthy diet. Also, be sure to start taking zinc and vitamin D regularly. Buy ZMA and get more tan. If sunny weather is rare in your city, buy a good vitamin and mineral complex at a sports nutrition store.

Women are the cure for all ailments. Spend more time with them, because science …

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