How to lose weight by 7 kg in a week and remove the stomach and thighs?

The belly is one of the most problematic areas for women. It is here that fat “loves” to be deposited, which spoils the figure so much and deprives it of its appetizing outlines. A thin waist and a flat belly are the subject of dreams of any representative of the fair sex, but for many women, just in this area, not everything is perfect. Girls with an “apple” figure are especially affected. As soon as they relax a little, the treacherous centimeters at the waist grow by leaps and bounds. On what diet you can remove the belly – such a request is relevant all year round, and even with the onset of the warm season or the vacation season, the problem of how to remove the belly with the help of a diet worries every second, if not the first lady (and age does not matter at all here).

Waist size as one of the health parameters

Waist size is one of the important indicators of health: the limit value for the fairer sex should not exceed 88-90 cm.If the centimeter shows you larger numbers than the above, then it’s time to look for a diet to remove fat from the abdomen. Of course, there is plastic surgery such as liposuction. However, it requires not only a decent amount of money, but also carries a health risk and has an impressive list of contraindications – not everyone is ready to go under the surgeon’s knife, especially since there are a large number of diets to remove the stomach.

In the problem of losing weight, the main thing is to realize the problem and set a clear goal for yourself, for example, such as getting into your favorite pair of jeans that are no longer fastened at the waist, buying a dress you like that is not right now in size, or making a loved one happy with an updated and refreshed look. The question of what diet to go on to remove the belly also worries virtually all women who have become mothers. Pregnancy and childbirth do not in the best way affect the waist circumference, it very rarely comes to a prenatal state without effort, so a diet, how to remove the stomach and sides quickly, is very relevant for mothers of all ages.

Losing weight and making the abdomen and sides look better includes several components:

  • this is primarily a diet – it is virtually impossible to remove the belly without adjusting the diet;
  • physical activity and sports – it is more effective to remove the belly with the help of diet and exercise: this way the result will be achieved faster. With charging and exercises for the press, the tone of the skin and muscles rises, they tighten and strengthen, there is a habit of straining the stomach and walking with an even posture. If possible, a diet to quickly remove the stomach, and exercises are combined with massage, wraps, hardware procedures (centimeters at the waist are reduced before our eyes);
  • healthy sleep, no stress and getting rid (preferably) of bad habits. Not only are alcoholic beverages themselves a very high-calorie thing (for example, only 100 grams of champagne 100 Kcal, whiskey or vodka 220 Kcal), but they also very “whet” the appetite – to keep from not gorging on everyone harm under a glass of beer or wine is almost impossible. This then reverberates around the waist and nullifies all the efforts made. So the bulk of diets, in order to remove the belly, involves either the complete elimination of alcohol, or its minimum amount in the form of white or red dry wine, and not more often than 1-2 times a week.

This holistic approach, combining a stomach and flank diet, fitness and lifestyle choices, is a guarantee of success. Very soon you will notice how the skirts and trousers are getting looser at the waist, the belly no longer sticks out. By the way, a strong back and good posture are very good for the abdomen – by unfolding your shoulders, pushing out your chest and straightening your back, you visually hide your belly, making it less noticeable to others.

Removing the belly at home

Many women are interested in how to lose weight in the abdomen. Weight loss methods should be used in a comprehensive manner. The first and most effective method is exercise. If it’s hard to force yourself to start playing sports on your own, you can purchase a gym membership and get an instructor. You can also do the exercises at home. The main thing is to work out the area of ​​the abdomen and sides well.

The second important factor is nutrition. You should exclude too heavy and high-calorie foods from your diet. In addition, the use of salt prevents the removal of excess fluid from the body. It is necessary to exclude sweet and flour products from the diet. Refuse semi-finished products, sauces and sausages. Proper nutrition should be adhered to constantly, otherwise the lost kilograms will return very quickly.

Cosmetic treatments are also an effective way to combat sagging, stretched skin. With the help of wraps and massage, you can restore her elasticity and smoothness as soon as possible. Massages and wraps can be done in the salon or done on your own at home.

We reduce weight according to the scheme described in this article.

We recommend that you understand your menu and understand how it should look like, and also make yourself a basic menu with calorie count.

Nutrition is the key to our weight loss, because it is possible to lose weight without changing nutrition. It is worth considering that practically 1 workout is not able to burn 800 Kcal, which you get by eating 1 Big Mac, then it is logical that with the same diet you will not be able to sit down for a second.

After all, a classic workout or running at an average pace burns about 300-400 Kcal per 1 hour, i.e. you ate a few cookies and sweets in the morning …

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