How to make natural deodorant at home: a simple and effective recipe Preparing the deodorant at home is simple and the ingredients to use are accessible. I receive it …


Making your own deodorant at home is simple and the ingredients to use are affordable. The recipe for making a completely natural product, which has the ability to be active and effective on bad odors, without damaging the skin.


Prepare by itself the home deodorant it is an activity simple and fun, not to mention that it is a way to take good care of your body. THE products useful for making it with your own hands are easily available.

Natural raw materials, which is important, because we will certainly not be dealing with harmful substances. Relevant user reports make us believe that the effectiveness is equal to that of the deodorants on the market, indeed with a further advantage, that of respectful ours health. To follow one recipe, with all the passages and i advice, because it is really easy to experience the Preparation, even customizing it if you want.

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Deodorant: why choose it natural

Just about the ingredients which are found combined in deodorants that we buy, there may be gods harmful components for health. Most deodorants contain parabens and aluminum, as well as many other chemicals. Now, if we know that it is possible to obtain a good result, but without spreading all these substances on our skin every day, we believe it is unquestionably preferable to opt for natural ingredients.

The anti perspiring they work well, as long as you don’t already have an intolerance reaction to one of its components. The blocking of perspiration gives its results, a shield to prevent the bad smell from expanding, but often also the same sweat, which is the body’s response to thermoregulate, is blocked.

Going just a little bit into the field of natural cosmetics we immediately realize that there are a certain amount of natural substances that work yet better. The way to go then is that of start experimenting with alternatives safe and natural compared to the chemical and unknown ones.


Natural deodorants

The alternative is to buy gods ready-made natural deodorants in the store. A possible and desirable solution if you find the one that suits you, which responds to the promises of to maintain yours pleasant smell for a long time and that it also has a good fragrance.

So if you are convinced that all you have to go into contact with your body it is good that it is natural and healthy and you have not yet found something on the market that fully satisfies you, follow our guide to prepare a good natural deodorant in home.

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Natural deodorants: what they say

A large community of users of DIY natural deodorants is ready to declare with enthusiasm who have been using the same recipes for 5 or 7 or 11 years to prepare their own deodorant. If they continue to choose there will be a reason, and that is natural deodorants They work well. Rest assured that after some preparation you will be you gods too perfect modulators of perfume.

When switching to a product with natural ingredients rashes may occur or more profuse sweating. Well, the advice is not to let these reactions discourage you in switching to hand-made natural deodorant.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

What happens is that the body is adjusting and a lot it’s probably excreting the chemicals which he absorbed previously. Only then remains experiment with the recipe that we point out and begin to prepare the natural deodorant at home yours.


Make your own natural deodorant at home

We propose this very simple one recipe which will produce a soft deodorant and creamy. The great opportunity is to be able to customize it as you wish, also to leave him devoid of essential oils and therefore of fragrance, or give it a touch much more manly, choosing those essences that satisfy this opportunity.

The time of Preparation overall is of 5 minutes, to which add approx 10 minutes for cooking. From the emulsion of the ingredients that we list we will get about 100 grams of deodorant. The cost overall we can consider it bass.


Natural deodorant: what is needed

Here is what you need and the relative quantities:

40 gr of shea butter
20 gr of coconut oil
15 gr of sodium bicarbonate
20 gr of rice starch
20 drops of essential oil

Among the essential oils we propose the Tea Tree Oil or Malaleuca oil, due to its antimicrobial properties, in the quantity of 10 drops. In combination with mint essential oil 5 drops e lavender essential oil another 5 drops, refreshing and pleasantly scented.


How to make your own deodorant

The method to follow for a good preparation is the following:

  1. Dissolve a water bath the two oily elements. Reheat a slow fire, until the shea butter and coconut oil will have melted. The recommendation is not to let them boil, just melt them to be mixed with the other ingredients.
  2. Extinguish the flame and remove from the heat. To add L’starch of rice or corn together with bicarbonate. Mix well until the ingredients are well emulsified.
  3. To merge one at a time essential oils, mixing well before adding the next ones to the mixture. Until the preparation is in a liquid state, pour the product into one or more containers, be they plastic or glass jars. Close them with their own lid.

To do solidify the cream faster, as soon as the mixture has cooled a little, insert the jars in the fridge. After a few hours the deodorant can be used.


Natural deodorants at home: tips

The bicarbonate could bring some reaction and asuperficial irritation. L’coconut oil, with his emollient properties and calming, they will compensate for this inconvenience. If the preparation satisfies you and you want to continue making the deodorant at home, get some jars cute is add even some label, originally decorated. It could also be an idea to make original gifts for your friends.


Do-it-yourself natural deodorant: photos and pictures

The pleasure of savoring the smells during preparation, while the base oils release their delicate fragrances, up to the explosion of pleasantness when the perfumed essences are added. Prepare your own natural deodorant at home It will be a’experience very relaxing, which will give you great satisfaction.

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