How to properly use cinnamon to lose weight

The history of the appearance of cinnamon

An amazing and unique spice is cinnamon. Not a single recipe in folk medicine can do without it, its rich aroma soothes, creates warmth and coziness in the house, and culinary dishes have a special noble touch.

In the East, cinnamon is known more than 5,000 years ago, it is mentioned in the ancient Indian treatise Ramayana as a benevolent effect on the feelings and thoughts of people, which nourishes a person with energy and peace.

Indeed, the aroma of cinnamon lifts the mood, encourages creativity, the desire to live positively, rejoicing in the world. Man is a spiritual creature of nature and smells, coupled with food addictions, play an important role in human life, it has been proven that cinnamon – like a warm, gentle sun, gives serenity and tranquility, whether it be food, aroma candles or oils.

Cinnamon is a cinnamon tree of the Laurel family and, if the bark has a pleasant smell, then the flowers have a repulsive aroma.

Useful properties of cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon has many beneficial properties and is often used in traditional medicine:

  1. It can be used to treat certain diseases of the liver, kidneys and bladder.
  2. It is great for diabetes mellitus by lowering blood glucose levels.
  3. A small amount of this spice before meals prevents heartburn.
  4. Cinnamon helps digest the heaviest and most fatty foods.
  5. In combination with a beekeeping product, it has a positive effect on the work of the intestines, food is completely digested without lingering for a long time. Thanks to this, constipation, frustration, bloating, colic disappear, which can occur due to a huge accumulation of incompletely digested food residues in the intestines.

Remember, normal digestive function contributes to weight loss by reducing your waist.

Honey and cinnamon are also a good antiseptic; under their action, all kinds of bacteria, parasites and fungi that interfere with the normal course of food digestion are killed in the body. Decreases appetite and accelerates metabolism.

For a greater effect, cinnamon for weight loss in the form of sticks is used (in them, most of the beneficial qualities are preserved much better than in powder). And cinnamon extract is not recommended for these purposes at all!

Interesting technology of harvesting cinnamon

Sri Lanka harvesting cinnamon photo

A 2-year-old tree is cut down and after a year young branches appear on the hemp, and they are harvested. In the flat bark, the top layer is cut off, since the thin inner side of the plate is the aromatic raw material. It is dried in the shade and the bark itself rolls into tubes, then they are cut into 5-15 cm pieces.

It is customary to distinguish cinnamon by quality. The most elite and fragrant cinnamon grows in the homeland of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). This is the standard of noble spice, its layer is no more than 1 mm, it is packed in branded wooden or glass containers, which are labeled. 15 grams of this cinnamon costs at least 400 rubles.

Only real cinnamon has the delicate sweet-pungent taste that we love so much.

Later, cinnamon migrated to other hot countries: India, Madagascar, Vietnam, Egypt.

Cinnamon tree or cinnamon photo blank

And the third-rate is Chinese cinnamon – cassia, it is a relative of cinnamon, the thickness of such cinnamon is 3 – 10 mm and the aromatic qualities are rather weak.

Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon are on sale. Better to buy sticks and grind yourself, then you will get the most out of it. In addition, ground cinnamon is stored for six months, in sticks for a year. So do not buy cinnamon for future use and store it in a closed container.

Even Eastern sages and healers advised drinking cinnamon infusion with honey as a panacea for all diseases.

Look at the rich composition of this spice, 100 g contains:

Minerals: Vitamins:
Calcium – 1002 mg Folic acid – 6 mcg
Copper – 0.339 mg Pantothenic acid – 0.358 mg
Iron – 8.32 mg Pyridoxine – 0.158 mg
Magnesium – 60 mg Thiamine – 0.022 mg
Manganese – 17.466 mg Vitamin A – 295 mg
Phosphorus – 64 mg Vitamin C – 3.8 mg
Sodium – 10 mg Vitamin E – 10.44 mg
Zinc – 1.83 mg Vitamin K – 31.2 mg
Potassium – 431 mg

Carbohydrates – 50.59 g, proteins – 3.99 g, fats – 1.24 g, dietary fiber 53.1 g, nutritional value – 247 kcal.

Modern medicine has proven the great potential that cinnamon has in the treatment of many diseases.

  • Reduces blood sugar in type II diabetes through flavonoids and polyphenols. The Diabetes Association in America, after conducting a series of studies, came to the conclusion that active bio-compounds accelerate the processing of sugar in the body 20 times, helping insulin;
  • Cinnamon is the leader in antioxidant content and, together with a healthy lifestyle, acts as a cancer aid. In the fight against free radicals, the use of cinnamon in food reduces oxidative processes, which leads to aging of the body, age-related problems, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Cinnamon has a positive effect on the work of the brain, improving attention in the elderly, increases the tone of the whole body;
  • Bad cholesterol – what is it? Natural fatty compounds that are deposited on the walls of blood vessels in the form of plaques, narrowing their lumen. And this is a direct path to cardiovascular diseases, stroke and heart attack. Cinnamon is a natural anticoagulant, that is, it stimulates blood circulation, due to coumarin, it reduces blood viscosity, improves blood flow;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Cinnamon promotes the secretion of gastric juice. Fiber and calcium remove bile salts from the body and protect the walls of the stomach in case of pain, healing the entire gastrointestinal tract. And the mass of trace elements helps with inflammatory …

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