How to quickly gain muscle mass for a thin girl

If you are a girl (woman) and your goal is to gain muscle mass, then we will tell you what rules you need to follow in order to achieve this in a short time.

How to quickly gain muscle mass for a thin girl How to quickly gain muscle mass for a thin girl

If you are a woman who wants to gain muscle mass, not lose weight, then now you will learn how to achieve this.

Count calories

One of the most common mistakes women make when trying to gain muscle mass is not getting enough calories in their daily diet. Most girls tend to overestimate their daily calorie intake by overestimating the final figure. This inhibits progress (muscle growth).

Count calories more carefully – as if you are losing weight. Keep a food diary, analyze your food for several days to understand exactly where you are making mistakes. Be sure to add up your daily calorie intake.

You will be surprised when you realize that you are malnourished every day, and you are decently malnourished. The most important thing now to understand is that the only way to grow muscle is through food. Only an abundance of calories from organic food will bring you as close as possible to your goal.

Women and girls who want to gain weight are afraid of fatty foods and carbohydrates. But to build muscle, you must consume daily carbohydrates, proteins and fats in sufficient quantities.

In the process, a small amount of fat is allowed to gain. But this is a necessary measure for muscle growth and nutrition during periods of fasting. Ultimately, the developed muscles will use up the fat you have gained very quickly.

Increase calories gradually

Achieve your calorie surplus slowly by increasing your daily calorie intake slightly. Plus 200-300 calories a day for a week – a fairly measured pace. Once you’ve reached 1,800 calories a day for a week, measure your progress. After this line, increase your daily calorie intake even more slowly. Otherwise, the extra calories will be stored in fat.

The norm is considered weight gain for girls, 45–0.7 kg per week, maximum 0.9 kg per week. This is more than enough. Faster gaining lean muscle mass will not work.

If you want to build muscle mass, girls should not be afraid of carbohydrates. The extra 200-300 calories in your daily diet should be derived from them.

Have patience

Having decided on the final daily calorie intake, you should stick to this figure for at least a month. This is the only way you will be able to notice the result. You can’t change yourself faster.

Consume “clean” calories

Eat “net” calories for muscle growth. For example, what do you eat before exercise? We advise you to eat 20 g of whey protein and a small amount of fast carbs (a mini-roll of white bread or a serving of rice).

Exercise in moderation

Muscle grows outside the gym, not in it. If you are a fan of training, then we will not convince you. But alas, you don’t get your dream body by hitting the gym 5 times a week. You will get results faster if you reduce the number of workouts to at least 3 times a week. This will allow your body to rest.

For a while, you can limit cardio training or completely refuse them. This way you will get results faster, because you can keep your muscles.

Exercise for no more than 60 minutes. Maintain the intensity of your workouts, but shorten the time. Getting enough rest and getting enough calories will help your muscles grow. Overtraining will not allow you to achieve results. Even a few minutes of training in excess of the recommended norm significantly reduces the stores of glycogen in the blood and a visit to the gym no longer gives the desired result.

Review your post-workout nutrition

Pay attention to what you eat after exercise. Be sure to consume 20-40 grams of whey protein and some fast carbohydrates like a banana or a small serving of rice.

The second post-workout meal is recommended an hour later. This time, the snack should consist of regular (solid) food, consisting of “slow” carbohydrates and protein. For example, eggs, egg whites with oatmeal, or chicken and potatoes.

Follow the “base”

Most women prefer isolation exercises. But such training will not lead you to your goal (to build muscle). Girls, do basic exercises if you want to be big: squats, deadlifts, abs, and weight training.

We recommend drinking a casein shake before bed. This will keep your muscles from catabolizing at night. Alternatively, prepare another shake and refrigerate. At night, get up to the toilet, drink another casein cocktail. This little secret will bring you closer to your goal.

Control and a little patience

As soon as you begin to add 0.4-0.7 kg per week and thus gain the desired mass, do not stop. Most girls strive for a certain number on the scales, but as soon as they reach it, they do not get the expected satisfaction and immediately set new goals.

Pro tip: Don’t be guided by the numbers on the scale. Trust your reflection in the mirror and how you feel. The mirror is your best helper in improving yourself.

Make it a habit to record and evaluate every week …

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