Hydromassage pools for your outdoor area Are you looking for a hydromassage pool for your outdoor area but you don’t know what to orient …

Piscine idromassaggio per il tuo spazio esterno 4

Are you looking for a hydromassage pool for your outdoor space but you don’t know what to orient yourself on? Here is a little guide for you.

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor area 4

A hydromassage pool can make your home even more comfortable and welcoming. Even if you have limited space, a hot tub could make your space unique and relaxing. A real oasis of well-being, where you can spend time in complete relaxation, while remaining in your own home.

Not only in the garden, a hydromassage pool can also be used on a terrace. Don’t believe that a hydromassage pool must necessarily cost a lot. They exist for all budgets. Just think of the inflatable ones.

Above ground or underground, small or large almost to be able to swim, simple and linear or equipped with all the options, usable only in summer or in all seasons, the options are vast indeed. How vast are the accessories such as, for example, the LED lights to illuminate them at night.

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Don’t know how to orient yourself? In this small guide we will try to give you a hand.

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor space 6

Hydromassage mini-pools

A hydromassage mini-pool is the perfect combination of tub and swimming pool. In fact, there are solutions that allow you to have a small relaxation corner, with jets dedicated to hydromassage on one side only. One of the main advantages is that it does not necessarily have to be underground, therefore easier to install. The most prestigious and beautiful ones to look at are made of wood.

Above ground whirlpool spas are made with exposed external bodies, often painted or decorated. I’m own the details make the difference and to make a minipool above ground a real object not only of design but also of desire. Do not underestimate the accessories. The ladders, for example, to respect the scenario, are strictly in the same color.

Considers that, most of this type of pool is sold with a water heater. A detail that allows you to use the tub even in winter. The body and pipes, however, must be insulated, especially where temperatures drop drastically in the cold months.

Here because protective sheets are also required useful both in summer and in winter. The cloth will allow you to change the water fewer times and leaves or other elements (such as dust) to enter it.

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor area 5

Jacuzzi whirlpool pools

The pools of this brand are the whirlpools par excellence. Just naming them brings to mind unique and original feelings of well-being and relaxation. The brand has been offering many types of swimming pools for years and, over time, it has done nothing but innovate to ensure its customers increasingly new and sophisticated wellness experiences.

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One example is the J-300 characterized by a design that is not only beautiful but also functional. You can choose between various colors of the finishes but also access the commands in a simpler and more immediate way. In addition, an element not to be overlooked, the completely improved seats.

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor area 1

Inflatable hydromassage pools

Inflatable hydromassage pools are the right solution if you don’t want to give up hydrotherapy in your home. In fact, the costs of this type of tanks are much lower, both for purchase and for subsequent maintenance. It is a product that is very popular beyond the ocean and which is starting to spread also in Italy.

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This it does not mean that lower costs correspond to lower performance. Among other advantages, the ease of positioning, since it can be moved, assembled and reassembled at will. This cannot happen at all with other types of more expensive or in-ground pools.

Even in an inflatable hydromassage pool, more people can easily fit. Some are also suitable for support, for pleasant moments of relaxation. Furthermore, they can be used in both summer and winter, thanks to the heating. The possibilities of choice are very wide.

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor space 3

Whirlpool pools for terraces

The hot tubs can also be safely installed on the terrace. You can think of both mobile solutions, such as the inflatable ones we described before, and those to be built into the attic.

Before installing it, however, it is necessary to evaluate the weight that your terrace can hold. Consider that, once filled, the pool will not only have the weight of the material it is made of. It will weigh the water but also the people who enter it. Attention also to the building and its general condition. If there were any structural problems it would be better to avoid.

In addition to mobile pools, such as the ones we described a little earlier, you can also install some, for a wellness corner to be used, potentially, 365 days a year. The solution will be definitive and, also in this case, the floor test will have to be made.

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor space 2

Hydromassage pools for your outdoor space: photos and images

After this overview, we made us want to take a bath. Surely the same thing happened to you too. We leave you with a small roundup of images.

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