Is it possible to eat baby food for adults – Baby food for adults: is it possible to eat, healthy

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Baby food for adults: is it possible to eat, healthy

In an effort to lose weight and maintain optimal physical shape, young men and women adhere to the most unusual ways. Until recently, baby food for adults seemed absurd, but today the demand for such products has increased. Nutritionists confirm that this type of diet can be effective, but not always beneficial.

Is baby food good for adults?

The famous actress Jennifer Aniston gave popularity to the children’s type of food. Trying to lose weight, she decided not to return to tried diets, but to try something new. The method brought excellent results, and many Hollywood stars began to use it.


There are several reasons why unusual products for adults have gained popularity.

  • No need to cook low-calorie food – you just need to open a jar bought in a supermarket.
  • Small portions – the habit of eating fractionally during the day narrows the stomach, helps to get a feeling of fullness after a minimum amount of food.
  • Baby food for adults is a great way to consume foods without harmful chemicals. Products for babies undergo strict control, so they are completely free of GMOs, dyes, flavor enhancers and other “harmfulness” typical for most of our familiar products.

The range of products for babies is very wide. Losing weight girls and boys can choose vegetable and fruit purees, cereals, dairy products and meat products. In such a variety, it is easy to find a dish to your liking.

Can adults eat baby food?

Despite the large number of arguments “for”, there are weighty “cons” that do not allow considering nutrition for babies as the main element of the adult diet.

  • Taste qualities. On the shelves of the shops are bright jars with the image of a chicken or a cow. You can find everything: beef stroganoff from beef, and homemade chicken. The internal content does not correspond to the external: the products do not contain spices and seasonings that give the meat the taste we are used to, so gourmets and not only will be bitterly disappointed.
  • The composition of the components. Baby food is designed for the undeveloped digestive system of babies, so it does not contain enough fiber, dietary fiber necessary for the normal functioning of the adult intestine.
  • Contraindications Food from jars should not be consumed in case of anemia, gastrointestinal problems, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.
  • Price. The calorie content of one jar does not exceed 100 kcal, the daily requirement of an adult is from 1000 kcal. Considering the cost of packaging, equal to 80-100 rubles, a considerable amount of daily expenses is obtained. With this money, you can buy a lot of chicken breast or fruits that are familiar to those who are losing weight.

Baby food is an option for exceptional cases (postoperative recovery, etc.), but not the basis for an adult diet. Trying to lose weight on food from jars can lead to serious problems with the digestive system.

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Baby food for adults. Helpful or not? ⋆

Many adults love baby food: small jars of mashed potatoes can be a great snack, they are convenient to take with you. Some even give preference to baby food in their diet, limiting the consumption of “regular” food. Is it so useful to include various jars of mashed potatoes in your menu? Let’s figure it out.

Benefits of baby food

There are several undeniable benefits to buying baby puree. First, there is no need for cooking. It is enough to buy a couple of jars and dinner is ready. No need to come up with a gourmet meal or go desperate for lunch at the nearest Burger King near work. Secondly, the variety of baby food offers a wide range of choices. On store shelves, you can see more than one box of porridge, as well as many different mixtures and mixtures from “apple puree” to “beef with cauliflower”. Take two jars and you will have a complete meal and dessert to boot. And thirdly, it is, of course, low calorie content and composition. It is this point that persuades most girls to switch to baby food. Its low calorie content (and also fractional nutrition) allows you to “eat and not get fat.” The composition of children’s puree is strictly controlled, so there you will not find GMOs, dyes, various harmful additives and everything that manufacturers love to add to products “for adults”.

Disadvantages of baby food

Unfortunately, everything has its drawbacks. And children’s food for an adult is no exception.

Eating large amounts of baby food can make it difficult to digest regular, solid foods. Baby purees and formula do not have enough fiber and dietary fiber, since they are designed for the still undeveloped digestive system of young children. Therefore, the adult body will not receive the substances necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines.

The composition of baby puree undergoes strict control, so GMOs, dyes and various harmful additives cannot be found there.

Baby food can also be a frustrating experience for gourmets. The fact is that mashed potatoes with the name “chicken with vegetables” do not contain all those spices and additives that give the well-known taste of an ordinary dish. Therefore, such mashed potatoes will taste strikingly different from the very fried chicken with spices served with steamed vegetables.

Individual contraindications can also exclude baby purees from the diet. It…

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