Is it possible to go to the pool with nail fungus – Is it possible to go to the pool if there is fungus on the nails?

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Can I go to the pool with toenail fungus?

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Fungal infections are a number of unpleasant diseases that affect not only the external, but also the internal organs of a person. The most common of these is feet and nails. It is quite easy to become infected with a fungus in the pool, because this is one of the most common habitats of infection.

Fungus and its symptoms

Human feet and the nail plate are most often affected by this disease. This is not considered a defect in cosmetology, since it refers to infectious diseases. The fungus can be contracted in various places, but more often it is in swimming pools, saunas and public showers.

The disease is considered severely curable, especially if it is in advanced form. It is better to seek help from a specialist at its first manifestations:

  • the presence of an unpleasant odor,
  • yellow nails
  • the plate becomes brittle,
  • color changes,
  • deformation of the nail.

The fungal infection also affects the legs of a person. When it appears, the skin between the fingers begins to peel off, cracks, an unpleasant odor and itching appear. Then painful sores and cracks form. Infection occurs for the following reasons:

  • tight shoes,
  • shoes made of synthetic materials,
  • lack of hygiene,
  • increased sweating
  • after a pedicure.

The abuse of alcohol and tobacco products is considered to be one of the reasons. But still, visiting public places with water procedures ranks first in terms of the highest probability of infection.

The pool is a wonderful place to relax and strengthen the body. But during his visit, you can get such an insidious ailment as a fungus. In order not to become the owner of this ailment, you need to know how to treat your feet after the pool from the fungus. It is better to disinfect your feet with a special antifungal agent or antiseptic. It is also advisable to adhere to certain measures so as not to get infected with it at all.

Simple ways to treat complex diseases:

Prevention of fungus after the pool

Any disease is better prevented than treated later. This also applies to fungal infections. Prevention is important both before and after the visit. Before choosing a place where to go for swimming, you need to take into account the sanitary and hygienic standards of this institution.

Rules for going to the pool:

  • It is necessary to use rubber slippers after swimming. They must be personal.
  • It is recommended to treat feet with special prophylactic agents
  • You should only use your personal belongings and not give it to anyone.
  • Dry your feet well before leaving. Since moisture is the most favorable environment for the reproduction of infection.

After visiting the pool, be sure to wash all clothes and towels. Rubber shoes also need to be washed and dried. With a constant visit to the institution, it is advisable to treat shoes with disinfectants once a month.

If a person has the initial stage of the disease, and he does not know if it is possible to visit the pool with nail fungus, you should consult with your doctor. Perhaps he will make exceptions for a particular case, but it is better to refrain from such a procedure.

Health to you!

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how not to get infected and you can walk sick?

Published on: 07 Apr 2016 at 22:59

Can I visit the pool with toenail fungus? Information of interest primarily to those people who face this unpleasant problem.

Nail fungus and pool are incompatible things. Why is swimming prohibited with this common ailment?

Onychomycosis is a contagious infectious disease that is dangerous to the people around. The infection is easily transmitted by the household route from a sick person to a healthy person and is treated for a long time. Therefore, the answer to whether it is possible to enter the pool with nail fungus will always be denial.

Many patients who are accustomed to leading an active lifestyle, doing fitness and swimming, have to put up with the impracticability of desire until they completely get rid of the disease: I want to go to the pool.

Toenail fungus becomes more aggressive in damp conditions, quickly affecting the nail plates of the infected person’s adjacent toes and threatening the health of the feet of other visitors to the sports complex.

For fungal strains, humidity and poorly ventilated rooms are the most favorable breeding and habitat environment, in which they can exist for several months. After all, disputes are indifferent to the effects of chlorine-containing disinfectants and ultraviolet rays used for cleaning and cleaning public spaces: showers, changing rooms.

Therefore, making an independent decision that you can go to the pool with the fungus …

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