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Before starting workouts: working out a plan[править | править код]

This kettlebell training program begins with two basic kettlebell lifting exercises: the swing and the Turkish lift. The program is suitable for beginner athletes who have no experience with kettlebells. After mastering the technique, you can move on to a higher level program.

As the name suggests, when swing You swing the kettlebell from the “kettlebell between the legs” position to chest level and back, transferring the leg effort to the kettlebell, as if you want to jump.

Turkish rise was introduced to the training system by Steve Maxwell. Starting position: lying on the floor, on your back, one arm extended upwards perpendicular to the floor, holding a kettlebell.

Turkish rise

Without jerking, without bending your arm at the elbow, you get up, then slowly return to the starting position. Despite the fact that during the approach the arm does not bend at the elbow, the Turkish lift can be classified as a press, since the static load that occurs when holding the weights over the head develops “pressing” strength.

Practice these two exercises along with recovery exercises every day, or at least three times a week. Do not practice, but practice. As with learning to shoot a pistol, in practice, you need to stop before your fragile skills hit the tube and the target starts to blur in front of your eyes.

Do a couple of repetitions of one exercise, rest, do a few repetitions of another, rest again, do recovery exercises, etc. While resting, read the exercise descriptions or watch a video. Learn the subtleties, keep records.

Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion. Enough 30 minutes of practice, after that you should feel tired, not exhausted. Muscles should not hurt the next day.

Stay at this level for as long as necessary. Be patient, you develop a complex skill set, just like learning martial arts.

Working out the plan

  • Carefully read the article on the safety and technique of swinging and Turkish lifts: Kettlebell Training: Technique Basics
  • Practice swings and Turkish lifts, and do recovery and stretching exercises every day, at least three times a week.
  • Practice, not practice.
  • Practice for 30 minutes. Stop in time so as not to get tired.
  • Practice the initial program for as long as it takes to acquire steady swing and Turkish lifting skills.
  • You can keep training in other sports programs, be it weightlifting or athletics.

Mahi is a good leg workout and fitness improvement[править | править код]

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It is hardly possible to find another exercise as useful as swinging a kettlebell. Senior kettlebell lifting instructor Steve Maxwell, world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, said that performing only kettlebell swings is 99% more beneficial than other complex training programs that do not have swings.

Kettlebell swings are performed from the “kettlebell between the legs” position to chest level. The arms remain straight, but at the same time relaxed, the energy is generated by the legs. The movement of the legs is the same as when jumping up, but the energy is translated into lifting the kettlebell, not the body.

Turkish lifts – load for hardy shoulders[править | править код]

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The Turkish lift with a kettlebell in one hand is the main test of strength for athletes of the past … Demonstration of remarkable strength with a heavy kettlebell in hand has always been a hit with the public.
Sigmund Klein, American Strongman Legend

Thanks to Turkish kettlebell lifts, many impressive shoulders have miraculously appeared in our world. Many men who had seen the views, who had already decided that it was time to hang the gun on a nail and start collecting stamps, returned to duty.

Turkish lifts, in addition to affecting the mobility and stability of the shoulders, are of great importance for heavy loads in hand-to-hand combat and sports, they develop the necessary strength for pushing from oneself. Bench press expert Mike Mahler noticed that his bench performance improved after he started doing heavy Turkish lifts. When Brett Jones, a Russian kettlebell lifting instructor, began doing Turkish lifts with a 48 kg kettlebell nicknamed “The Beast”, his results in the army bench press immediately skyrocketed.

New program of Russian kettlebell lifting[править | править код]

The minimum program for Russian kettlebell lifting allows you to:

  • Prepare world-class fighters.
  • Get rid of fat without embarrassing yourself in aerobics classes.
  • Back to iron.
  • Get muscular, flexible and firm shoulders.
  • To develop the skills necessary to perform other exercises of Russian kettlebell lifting.

Regardless of your goals, even simple sequences of swings and Turkish lifts will best prepare you for kettlebell training. As in business, 80% of transactions account for 20% of customers, so in kettlebell lifting, these two movements allow you to get the maximum benefit from each ruble invested in kettlebell. Mahis develop the back, legs, heart and lungs. Turkish lifts provide flexibility and elasticity to the shoulders, prepare them for physical activity and mastering sports skills: hitting a heavy boxing bag, wrestling, heavy pushing and jerking, etc.

For the wrestlers he trained, Steve Baccari proposed two sequences of exercises – “simple” and “lethal”.

  • Twice a week tough …

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