Lean physique in men — Lean physique in men. Description and methods of determining physique in men

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Thin physique of a man. Description and methods of determining physique in men

Our appearance and physique largely depend on genetics. Some gym goers may absolutely not monitor their diet and not gain excess weight, while others, with active workouts, look full and rounded. The reason lies in the body type, which is laid down, so the training program must be corrected taking into account this parameter.

There are three main types of male figure – ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph … Next, we will find out how to determine the body type in men and consider the main signs of these species. But it is worth noting that pure types are rare, much more often you can find mixed ones, for example, ectomesomorph or endomesomorph. However, even in mixed body types, there are predominant traits, defining a man to a particular group.

Ectomorphic body type

Most successful for girls, but not very good for men, since in colloquial speech such a person is called “drishch”. Such people will have to make more efforts to gain decent muscle mass, but with a correct and sufficient calorie diet, his figure will look quite presentable, compared to the same endomorph.

Representatives of this type of typology are determined by:

  • tall
  • long and thin limbs
  • narrow chest
  • protruding bones
  • long and thin muscles

Their gait is often angular, and their movements are sharp, they are also characterized by increased nervous excitability, have a large supply of energy and tolerate intense cardio loads more easily.

Ectomorphs can absorb any food, including harmful carbohydrates, which practically does not affect their appearance. Gaining muscle mass is given to them with great difficulty due to increased metabolism. If necessary, they easily throw off the accumulated fat, it passes quite easily. Even in the absence of cardio training and relaxation in nutrition, ectomorphs often walk with cubes on the press and pronounced muscles.

A high metabolism is one of the main signs by which you can recognize a representative of this body type. It is worth noting that with age, metabolism slows down, so in the absence of training, a small amount of fat is accumulated.

This type of male physique can be determined by a narrow waist, which lays the foundation for good proportions when gaining muscle mass. Also, at the beginning of classes, they are distinguished by low strength indicators and a weak responsiveness of the body to training. It is recommended to work with large weights for small ones, trying to increase the indicators each time and give preference to basic exercises.

To gain weight, the calorie content of the diet should be increased, there is a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, mainly complex ones, but some indulgences in the form of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats usually do not harm f


Types of figures in men – Weight loss

What is body type?

In the scientific literature, the theory of somatypes is popular, implying the conditional division of various types of human constitution into three key categories – ectomorph (prone to thinness), mesomorph (athletic and muscular by nature) and endomorph (prone to gaining excess weight). It is believed that future athletic success largely depends on the type of physique.

A similar categorization is used not only in psychology, bearing the names of types of temperament (sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic), but also in traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda. Unfortunately, despite the popularity of the theory of body types, unambiguous and clear criteria for determining one’s somatotype “by eye” simply do not exist.

Determination of body type by wrist

Most often, it is believed that the key characteristic of a person’s belonging to a particular body type is bone thickness. Usually ectomorphs have thin bones, endomorphs are wide. It is also important that the girth of the wrist remains unchanged, regardless of the amount of fat or muscle mass in the body.

In most cases, in ectomorph men, the girth of the wrist (measurements are taken along the bone just above the location of the wristwatch) is less than 17 cm, in mesomorphs – 17-20 cm, in endomorphs – more than 20 cm.In the summary table below, you will find other characteristics that make it easier to determine your body type.

Body type Main characteristics
  • Narrow shoulders and flat chest
  • Thin and long limbs
  • Thinness and minimum subcutaneous fat
  • Broad shoulders and developed chest
  • Medium to large bone
  • Low body fat with visible muscle
  • Large bone and massive limbs
  • Short arms and legs, wide waist and hips
  • Excessive fat deposition

How to determine your body type?

Anthropologist William Sheldon, author of the theory of body types and temperament, separately noted in his scientific work that “pure” somatotypes are practically not found. In real life, each individual person is a combination of all three body types, but in certain proportions.

It is also interesting that in some people (most often in women) the upper body has signs of one body type, and the bottom of another. That is why it is extremely difficult for an ordinary person to determine whether he is an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph – and no online calculators or mobile phone applications can help him.

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