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Photos of those who have lost weight before and after (mega-selection)

We present the freshest selection of photos of girls and women who lost weight in 2015, along with their reviews and comments about their weight loss. Someone lost weight on diets, someone on fitness, and the smartest on diet and fitness at the same time! We are glad to present that there are only Russian girls here and the photos are as fresh as possible!

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On the left I am 17-18 years old, I don’t remember. On the right is a year ago. This is the only photo where I am in a swimsuit since then. I was always shy, I don’t know how this photo remained. like this.

considered KBZHU, articles and girlfriend. Then the weight got up and did not move for a month. I got angry and more and more often fell for sweets. But a small change in the menu did the trick and I reached 56kg. This is my ideal! Now I am learning to maintain weight and want to tighten my body through sports.

lost weight, and even cellulite is gone! This is what it means – proper nutrition, even though summer is already and the beach season is open – you can put yourself in order at any time … quickly, tasty and without hunger!

Summer has begun, the hottest vacation and beach season. And these are new swimwear and slimmer bodies. But it doesn’t always work out the way you want. Extra pounds have been gained, a tummy appears, and also cellulite. But I want to go on vacation with a beautiful figure, because even under dresses and tunics you can’t hide too much – on the beach you still have to undress to a swimsuit, otherwise what kind of rest is it? Naturally, if you think that you already have an ideal figure, then you may not read it to the end. But if you still think about how to get in shape, then now is the time to do it !!! Do not brake START RIGHT NOW !!! ALL IN YOUR HANDS!!!



Before and After losing weight, photos and results of people who have lost weight

Having a slender body is every girl’s dream. But in most cases, it remains unfulfilled. Having started the process with great enthusiasm, often everything quickly gets bored and stops. And this happens every time and everything ends. In dreams, girls imagine themselves as slender, but in fact, extra pounds remain on their sides.

To stimulate the weight loss process, take a look at photo before and after losing weight people who were full all their lives, and then took up themselves and built. Successful weight loss requires willpower to switch to proper nutrition and start doing any kind of exercise. You need to choose the kind of sport you like, since there are many types of them: Pilates, yoga, training on simulators, dancing and much more. Purposefulness and determination are important conditions that will lead to the desired forms, and the results of losing weight will delight. For acquaintance and inspiration, photos of people who have lost weight are presented before and after.

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Teralin McNitt

First on the list of “Real Weight Loss” is Teralin McNitt. Towards the end of school, the girl became very stout and did not attend school events. Due to stress, Teralin did not want to go to prom and get a certificate. Through the efforts of her mother, the girl still went to the ball in a chic dress that her mother bought her. The evening only intensified the frustrations and pushed the girl to the fact that she needed to change. She began to walk 6 miles every day, learned to eat right. A month later, she noticed a change in herself. And a year later, instead of a fat aunt, she appeared before her peers in the form of a charming beauty weighing 50 kg.

Sasha Versailles

The girl always dreamed of losing weight, because she was large since childhood. Often she went on strict diets, then she dropped everything and began to eat everything. Having grown 176 cm, her weight approached 73 kg. These extra pounds, although not critical, hung down at the sides at the waist and on the stomach, which greatly spoiled the appearance.

This gave rise to an inferiority complex, and Sasha decided to change. She found herself a good coach, and then fell in love with him. Since then, she has not parted with sports and with a coach too. Soon they will get married, the guy supports his girlfriend in everything. For 2.5 years, the girl has lost 10 kg and does not want to stop there.

Claire Nasir

Like many women, the TV presenter from England gained overweight by the age of 40. Once a photo of her in a green swimsuit appeared on the network, which became the subject of ridicule for others. But Claire herself received a good impetus for serious intentions to change her body. Six months of intensive training, which included: running, push-ups, squats, kickboxing, dumbbell exercises, made a slender young girl out of a plump woman. Claire went from size 16 to size 6.

Real photos of people who have lost weight

The guy dropped 32 kg, which could not but affect his face.

The couple in love preferred to enter into a slender family relationship. Therefore, they began to closely play sports. For 5 years, they were able to lose weight and make a relief.

How to lose about 130 kg in 2 years? It is difficult, but possible, which is proved by the next one who lost weight.

In a year, the man was able to lose 50 kg, as a result of which his tattoos only became brighter.

Young people were able to lose 50 kg for two – their appearance in wedding suits is impeccable.

Minus 60 kg and a completely different person looks from the photo.

It is enough to lose “only” 150 kg and turn from an obese person into a muscular guy.

Lose weight by 100 kg and from a brutal, but very obese man, turn into a sweet young man in a loose suit.

You need to lose 60 kg in a year to wear the famous black cocktail dress.

Mom decided to lose weight and attracted her son to the venture – 4 years of work and completely different people.

You can lose 50-60 kg and from …

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