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Incredible BEFORE and AFTER photos of weight loss

Surely every woman dreams of a slim body without cellulite and fat folds. But, unfortunately, losing weight is not easy. In this case, the main thing is motivation. We present to you a selection of 25 photos that motivate you to lose excess weight. All these people have become much happier and changed for the better. Another huge plus is that losing weight is very good for your health. We run to the gym more and more and pump our body!

1.Kate weighed 120 kg, lost 55 kg in nine months

2. The difference in three years: 272 kg and 104 kg

3. Just a year ago, these shorts looked different, 122 kg and 61 kg

4. She lost 30 kg and is much happier

5. The difference is 50 kg and 7 years

6. We walked this path together

7. Progress for the year

8. She’s so much better.

9. Lost 45 kg when she found out that her husband was cheating on her and calls her a cow

10. This man ate only fast food for a long time, but then he pulled himself together, lost 140 kg and found his love

11. He was told that he would die if he did not lose weight

12. Only a year has passed

13. He was the fattest man in the world

14. Minus 70 kg

15.145 kg vs 55 kg

16. Gave up alcohol and lost weight

17. In 11 months turned into such a beauty

18. Before and after

19. Do not recognize!

20. Losing weight is really beneficial.

21. Good result

22. Have achieved this result in 1 year

23. How the face has changed!

24. Lost more than half of my weight in a year

25.261 kg and 115 kg


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Overweight is an acute problem all over the world. Excess weight is fraught not only with possible health problems, but also negatively affects the psychological state of obese people. For the most part, these people are no longer able to change their lives, and also unable to force themselves to adhere to a diet or go to the gym, let alone a regular jog.

Ten stories of people who managed to lose weight. Find out how they did it!

In these moments of despair, they need the advice and support of people who have already gone through it. Let’s look at the stories of ten people who were able to find the strength to overcome themselves and lose weight.

Signe Heffernan lost 57 kg in 2 years

“I started to lose weight gradually. To begin with, I began to walk as a lady from work and generally refused transport for trips over short distances. As a result, I began to walk five kilometers every day. After half a year, I decided to revise my diet. I began to eat more vegetables and fruits, practically gave up sugar. After another six months, I signed up for a gym, visited it several times a week. The process of losing weight should be gradual. Start small and move towards your goal. “

Hunter Montgomery lost 48 kg in a year

“Lately, a lot of weight loss experts have appeared on the Internet. But no one can know your body better than you. Therefore, the choice of methods for losing weight must be taken seriously. After experimenting with different methods, choose the one that’s right for you. “

Olivia Sullivan has reduced her weight 45 kg in a year

“My weight was 125 kg. To bring myself back to normal, I resorted to cardio training. Disappointed in them, I met a good specialist who suggested a set of strength exercises. Besides, I took up boxing. Now my routine is boxing 3 workouts a week and a gym. I lost 45 kg. “

Diana Nosgaard lost 41 kg in 2 years

“I started my journey with water aerobics and a 10-minute walk. After half a year, I matured and signed up for a gym. Now I go to the gym five times a week. “

Jackie Kankam lost 32 kg in 2 years

“The first trip to the gym was terrible. But still I found the strength to return. The second workout was easier. And I realized that the hardest thing is to start. No matter how hard it was at the beginning, it will be easier further. “

Garinder Pabla has reduced his weight by 32 kg in 3 years

“Having tried many diets, I have not received a positive result. And I could not bring myself to go to the gym regularly. After a few workouts, it became boring and the desire disappeared. Once I decided to travel. It so enticed me. That now I spend all my free time on it. All thoughts of food were gone. Now I eat to satisfy hunger, and not for pleasure as before. “

Zachary Rieger lost 24 kg in a year

“My loved ones and their support helped me lose weight. When my relatives began to sincerely rejoice at my modest successes in sports, I had the desire and strength for new victories. My friends helped me a lot and supported me all the way. Without the help of all these people, nothing would have happened to me. “

Timothy Read has improved his weight by 46 kg in 1.5 years

“For me, food was like a drug. The biggest challenge for me was changing the diet. But now I eat only healthy food and completely gave up fast food. In addition, I began to visit the gym regularly. I will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved and I want to get rid of the remaining extra pounds. “

Athena Garza lost 84 kg in 2.5 years

“I made a decision to make gifts to myself for the achievements in weight loss. Having dropped a few pounds, I went to the store and bought the thing that I had wanted to buy for a long time. The main thing is not to wait for every minute result, but to rejoice even in small victories. “

Jenn Flores has reduced her weight by 27 kg in 16 months

“When I saw the figure of 110 kg on the scales, I was horrified. And I panicked, because I could not imagine how to get rid of this weight. As I was going to work, I saw one advertisement, it said that in our city in two months it will take place …

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