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Megan Fox diet – vegan, for 1 day or Harley Pasternak: reviews and results from those who have lost weight

The content of the article

In many ways, it is Megan Fox’s own diet that makes her look amazing even after the birth of children. The nutritional method takes into account the lifestyle and individual characteristics of the body. Many women have received positive results with her help: extra pounds go away quickly, and the silhouette becomes beautiful and attractive.

Why do you need to limit yourself to food at all?

Any diet is aimed not only at getting rid of extra pounds. This is a kind of balanced diet, which has a beneficial effect on the body, saturates all organs and systems with the necessary amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

The dishes contain a minimum amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which during the period of weight loss support the high-quality functioning of the body. The nutrition scheme is designed in such a way that all the elements included in the dishes, entering the body, are not deposited in problem areas, but participate in the active breakdown of lipid cells.

There is a rapid burning of adipose tissue and a decrease in the volume of the buttocks, hips and waist. Many diets contain large amounts of fruits and vegetables that cover the daily requirement of all the essential elements.

Features of the technique

The Megan Fox diet menu is balanced and does not make you starve. All products are selected in such a way that there is a quick effect of weight loss, and at the same time there is a full flow of all the necessary nutrients into the body.

The meals include light carbohydrates and proteins, which give the body energy during weight loss, increase efficiency, and prevent weakness and hunger.

That is why it is recommended to introduce physical activity into the daily routine, since the body will not be depleted due to glucose and fructose, and the muscles will become more elastic, relief and elastic due to protein. Charging should take up to 20 minutes. People who are not accustomed to physical activity are advised to gradually increase the charging time.

They eat food at least 5 times a day. One serving should not exceed 250 g. Fractional nutrition will speed up the metabolism and will contribute to the rapid burning of fat. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can have two snacks one hour after the main meal.

Important! Sugar is prohibited.

The essence

The main law in this type of weight loss is the use of 5 important components during the day:

  1. proteins;
  2. fiber;
  3. carbohydrates;
  4. fat;
  5. water.

After the diet, be sure to take a break of 5 weeks, and then you can repeat the diet again. On days off from the diet, you can only allow yourself to relax for one day and eat a small portion of any forbidden food. If it is fatty or fried meat, it must be combined with vegetables.

Any harmful product during the fasting day must be combined with useful, and the permitted ingredients must be 2 times more than one prohibited.


Megan Fox follows a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, even after a diet, she does not allow herself to relax either in nutrition or in work. She goes in for sports every day – up to 5 times a week she visits the gym, runs or does cardio workouts. The actress devotes at least 30 minutes a day to physical activity.

Proper nutrition and sports are the key to a slim, beautiful and youthful body. She knows how hard it is to work on herself, so she proudly demonstrates her stunning figure on the red carpet and at social events. She is an example for women who want to lose weight, be slim and attractive.

The actress is against grueling fasting or training to exhaustion. She advises women to start doing elementary exercises, starting at 5 minutes a day, gradually increasing the load. It is important to work out the muscle groups correctly, which can be taught by fitness professionals. In her challenging schedule, Megan Fox will always find time for sports and nutritious nutrition.

Menu options

Megan Fox has not had problems with her figure for a long time, but sometimes the actress has to quickly lose several kilograms. To do this, she uses different techniques.


Megan Fox’s vegan diet is about avoiding animal products entirely. This technique can be followed for 1-2 weeks, independently compiling a menu of permitted products.

You can use the approximate Megan Fox vegan diet menu, which is listed below, or create your own. The number of kcal is indicated in brackets.

1 day:

  • Breakfast is rice porridge with raisins, green tea is drunk (364).
  • For lunch, eat 2 baked apples (108).
  • For lunch, stew cabbage and drink a glass of tomato juice (215).
  • For an afternoon snack, eat yogurt (65).
  • For dinner, prepare a soup of vegetables and zucchini (189).

Day 2:

  • They have breakfast with oatmeal and apples, drink orange juice (201).
  • For lunch, eat 1/2 grapefruit (37).
  • Dine with vegetable soup on rice (208).
  • For an afternoon snack, eat a pomegranate (106).
  • Prepare vegetable salad for dinner (129).

Day 3:

  • They have breakfast with pearl barley and green tea (102).
  • For 2 breakfast, eat 2 kiwi (92).
  • Dine on a vegetable stew with bell pepper (153).
  • For an afternoon snack, eat an apple (36).
  • For dinner, boil the beans and season them with tomato sauce (206).

Day 4:

  • Breakfast is rice porridge with raisins and a glass of milk (450).
  • For lunch, eat 2 baked apples (72).
  • Dine with stewed cabbage (129).
  • For an afternoon snack, eat yogurt (65).
  • For dinner, prepare a vegetable stew with cabbage (136).

Day 5:

  • Have breakfast with stewed beans …

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