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Quotes about sports and motivation

Nothing is more energizing than quotes about sports and motivation, they literally kindle a fire inside and make you burn, doing any activity! Therefore, if you need sports motivation, the quotes collected here are what you need!

Alcohol is entertainment for the poor, Drugs for the weak, Sports for the strong!

If something moves me forward, it is only my weakness, which I hate and turn into my strength.
Michael Jordan

Sport is a secret weapon that is always with you!

Reading these quotes, the motivation for sports is growing at an incredible rate. Usually, not having time to read to the end, a person is already burning with the desire to change something, do, undertake. That’s cool!

One missed day of training can be worth the victory!

I enjoy working with weights. Sometimes, when you hold a barbell above you, you realize that it can crush you, but this does not happen, because you are stronger.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The main thing is the desire to go in for sports, and there is always a way!

Do as much as you can today – tomorrow you can do even more.

A fit woman always achieves what a woman in a dressing gown cannot achieve.

Evelina Khromchenko

The most valuable thing that sports gives is the opportunity to test what you are capable of
Olga Korbut

Sport is a force that either breaks a person or raises him to heaven.

Impossible – this is just a big word behind which little people are hiding. It is easier for them to live in the familiar world than to find the strength to change something. The impossible is not a fact. This is just an opinion. The impossible is not a sentence. It’s a challenge. The impossible is a chance to prove yourself. Impossible is not forever. The impossible is possible.
Muhammad Ali

It is not the mountains that you have to climb that hinder you. No, a pebble in your shoes is bothering you.
Mohammed Ali

It doesn’t matter how quickly you move towards your goal, the important thing is not to stop.
Bruce Lee

You haven’t lost as long as your consciousness is struggling.
Bruce Lee

If you are not ready to work, then you are ready to lose.
Mark Spitz

It’s hard to be irresistible if you’re lazy.

Sophia Loren

If a person strives for something with all his heart, he will certainly be able to achieve what he wants, even if it seems impossible, even if everyone around openly declares to him that it is impossible.
Chuck Norris

The saving force in our world is sport – the flag of optimism still flies over it, here they follow the rules and respect the enemy, regardless of whose side the victory is on.
John Galsworthy

If you want to be better than the rest, then get ready to do what others don’t want to do.
Michael Phelps

If health is a true symbol of freedom, then sport is a true symbol of health.
Petr Kvyatkovsky

These quotes about sports and motivation can only be pushed in by the cool videos on a similar topic that are below. Be sure to watch them!

Sports motivational quotes

Collection theme: Motivating quotes sports. In a healthy body healthy mind. Decimus Junius Juvenal

There is nothing more exciting than the will to conquer the rebellious body. Romain Rolland

Being selfish doesn’t mean living the way you want to. It means asking others to live the way you would like them to.

I am a former footballer, former coach, former director and former President Emeritus. This list once again suggests that everything comes to an end. Johan Cruyff.

If you have even a small opportunity to help others, help. Zinedine Zidane

Truth has a power of persuasion that neither error nor falsehood possesses. Anatole France

Being a fool, being selfish, and being in good health are the three conditions you need to be happy. But if the first one is missing, then the rest are useless. Gustave Flaubert

A campfire song fascinates women more than the strength of a hunter getting food. Wilhelm Schwöbel

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety percent sweat. Thomas Alva Edison

Truly, the one who does not value life does not deserve it. Leonardo da Vinci.

Someday the refrigerator will take revenge on me. Every half hour he will open the door to my room, stare at me, and then leave.

The biggest nonsense is to do the same and hope for a different result.

Fall in love with the process and the result will not keep you waiting.

Sport is fate, fate is game, game is my life.

Do not be afraid to compete with those who are stronger. There are no invincibles. Iker Casillas

Love is like a drug … Once I thought about a person – I wanted more … I thought … addiction began … I thought again … addiction …

The only way to stay healthy is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you don’t like. Mark Twain

You often hear young people say: I don’t want to live with someone else’s mind, I’ll think it over myself. Why do you think it over? Take it ready and move on. This is the strength of humanity. Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

There are no limits – the more you strive for something, the further you will be able to advance. Michael Phelps

Judge your health by how happy you are in the morning and spring. Henry David Thoreau

The concept of rest is different for everyone, for some it is a reason to drink, for others it is a moment to rest and restore strength after a hard workout)

Play as the name on the chest of your shirt and everyone will remember what’s on the back. Tony Adams

The secret is to befriend those who are better and train with those who are stronger. Loving someone who is not allowed and not giving up where others give up

Some living beings have a spirit, others only a soul. Lucius Annei Seneca (the Younger)

The things that you most hate to do are probably the things that are worth doing the most. Winfred Holtby

Set yourself only achievable goals. Horace (Quintus Horace Flaccus)

If the goal is …

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