Muscle Gain Workout – Muscle Gain Workout

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Muscle Gaining Workout Program

Bodybuilding is an art. It is art that is the creation of relief on your own body. People who seriously strive for this spend a huge amount of effort, money and time to achieve the goal. And the resulting relief body eventually compensates for all of the above. However, not everyone understands that the relief is actually secondary. The main thing is to gain muscle mass. And everyone can do this.

The basic principles of gaining muscle mass

So, before you start mastering bodybuilding itself, you need to familiarize yourself with its theory – how different principles of training affect the result. Just taking a barbell and squatting with it is not enough, thoughtless movements will not lead to great results. Here are the basic principles of training for active muscle growth:

1. The founder of the International Federation of Bodybuilding Joe Weider has repeatedly noted the importance of taking into account the weight of the apparatus and the number of repetitions in the approaches. Only the right choice of repetitions on the hike will help you achieve your desired goal. The trainer came to the conclusion that for mass recruitment it is effective to lift the projectile 6-12 times per approach. Based on this, and select the weight. Each organism is individual, so one person can lift a lot of weight for these 6-12 times, and the second – just a little.

If you want to improve strength indicators, then you need to increase the weight lifted, and reduce the number of repetitions (3-4 times). In the event that you do more than 12 repetitions, the emphasis will be on endurance training. As you can see, the result is highly dependent on the number of repetitions in the set. Therefore, stay within strictly defined limits – to gain mass, the number of repetitions in the approach should be 6-12. Read more about how many reps are recommended for what purposes in our article.

2. Watch your body closely during the approach – it is important to reach the limit, which in bodybuilding is called “rejection”. For example, you squatted 10 times, but you can no longer do 11 on your own – this will be your limit, which you need to focus on during the entire workout, adjusting it as needed. If you do not bring the muscles to such a state when they are developed to the limit, the mass gain will occur more slowly, and in some people it will not be at all.

3. Now you need to figure out the number of approaches. For beginners, that is, people who have been practicing for no more than 2 months, it is enough to complete 1 or 2 approaches in one exercise. If you have been doing bodybuilding for a long time, do 2-4 approaches.

4. Pay attention to the way you work with the weight. Try to use the “negative phase” feature, the fact is that with a slow lowering of the projectile, the muscle will receive a larger number of microcracks, which will contribute to its enhanced growth. Therefore, try to spend less time lifting the projectile than lowering it.

The basis of the program is free weight or how to properly increase the load

Free weight exercises (with dumbbells and barbells) are the backbone of a muscle building program. But be sure to follow these tips:

1. Load progression – be sure to increase the weight of the equipment. If you don’t, your muscles simply won’t grow. But the increase should be small – the pursuit of quick results may lead you not to large muscle mass, but to injury. Remember: you will never achieve great results quickly, this is all a myth. Be prepared for long, grueling, carefully planned workouts from the outset.

In order to tell you how to build muscle by the professionals of, a long article has been written. It explains in an accessible language the basic principles of training for muscle growth and what supercompensation is. Required to read. Go to article.

2. Weight should not only be increased gradually, but also chosen correctly initially. Stretching, tearing a muscle, pinching a nerve – that’s what you can get guaranteed by grabbing a heavy barbell or a dumbbell right away.

3. Safety net is very important if you are not confident in your abilities. Feel free to ask a trainer or other gym goer to back you up as you exercise.

The importance of recovery while gaining muscle mass

The importance of the recovery process is evidenced by the fact that the growth of muscle fibers does not occur during training, but during the rest of the body. This program is built on the principle of split – for each muscle group, training once a week – this is quite enough for muscle relaxation. Also, split training will save the body from overtraining.

The presented program is designed for 6-8 weeks of training and is suitable for those who have reached an intermediate level. Each workout will work out two muscle groups. Break 2-3 days between workouts (3 workouts per week).

Do not forget that you can edit the workouts presented on our website – change the order of the exercises or replace the exercise with another, change the number of repetitions. Editing the training program is available only to users authorized on the site.

The role of nutrition is extremely important in recovery. So, half an hour before training and no later than half an hour after it, drink a protein shake. Eat more protein foods: On average, one kilogram of body weight requires 2-3 grams of protein.

If you really want to gain muscle mass, then take pity on yourself in training! Only getting the most out of your workouts will help you build muscle significantly. By following these tips and applying this workout program to build muscle …

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