Natural manicure with essential oils Hands are one of the most exposed areas of our person, a business card that says a lot …


The hands are one of the most exposed areas of our person, a business card that says so much about us. You can take care of your hands in a natural way, with the choice of essential oils for a perfect manicure. Let’s see what the right products are and how to use them.


The our hands I’m contact with the world, the part our which continuously exposes itself to stimuli, actions and atmospheric agents. Especially at this time of the year they can run the risk of cracking and becoming irritated, subjected to the first cold and strong winds. We must not underestimate the constant use of sanitizers that we are practicing in this historical moment.

For this reason it is important take care of the hand protection in a sensitive way, choosing a practice to carry out the manicure with natural products and not very irritating, they act respecting the sensitivity of the skin. A healthy choice is to use him for manicure essential oils. Let’s see which ones to prefer and how to use them.

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Essential oils for manicure

The essential oils, thanks to their countless property, are gods allies perfect to take care of the own person. For the hands, in fact, they are a real cure-all. The hand is a very delicate part, characterized by sensitive parts and thin skin. But what are the main essential oils to choose for our hands?

Here are some recipes and you use essential oils to make the most delicate of manicures, in a natural way.

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Lemon essential oil

With the’lemon essential oil we can get an optimal result for the nails, going to tap some drops and leave to act. Lemon is a invigorating it’s a antibacterial natural, it also thoroughly removes dirt from nails and cuticles, reducing me too’yellow effect.


Rosemary essential oil

In the aesthetic field, the essential oil of rosemary confers to your hands a smooth and satin look. You can apply essential oil to massage your hands and protect them, like a cream.

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Eucalyptus essential oil

Thanks to’eucalyptus essential oil we can apply a treatment beneficial antiseptic is antibacterial by the hands.


Tea tree essential oil

This oil essential is used a lot for his property antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

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Use of essential oils

For a correct application of the essential oils it should be remembered that not must be used pure, but diluted in another neutral oily base. Usually 10 drops are applied of essential oil for every 10 ml of basic oil.

First of all you can proceed by choosing your favorite oil and going to apply it on the hands, including the nails and massaging for a few minutes, favoring absorption. Once the massage is finished, remove excess oil with absorbent paper.

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Nail recipes with essential oils

To optimize the properties of each essential oil we can compose mixes to give life to a perfect recipe that is easy to prepare, fast and immediate.

If the hands I’m very dry and chapped prepares a mixture with

  • 10 ml base oil
  • 6 drops of essential oil rosemary
  • 2 drops of essential oil lemon

Once your compound is ready, help yourself with a cotton disc to apply it on your hands. To make the product even more effective, leave it to act for a few hours or even overnight, with the help of a tissue so as not to disperse the oil on the sheets.

If your goal is strengthen the cuticles, prepare the mixture of

  • 10 ml of essential oil Basic
  • 3 drops of essential oil eucalyptus

Massage the cuticles until the oil is completely absorbed.

If you want to fight a nail infection, try to make a compound of

  • 30 ml of base oil
  • 5 drops of essential oil eucalyptus
  • 8 drops of essential oil tea tree.

As we have already seen, eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree oil both have excellent antibacterial properties and are effectively able to prevent fungal activity.


Natural manicure with essential oils: photos and pictures

Find out which are the main essential oils to make a natural manicure and how to use them.

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