News : 08 and victory in the 5,000 in extreme conditions

News : 08 and victory in the 5,000 in extreme conditions

Katir, heading down the stretch at Gateshead

He is without a doubt the man of the moment in Spanish athletics. It is in an amazing, exceptional shape. A few days ago he demonstrated it by making an Olympic minimum of 1,500 with a mark of 3.33.62 in the Nerja Challenge. Nobody or practically nobody expected him among the first places, among the favorites (yes perhaps among lovers of Spanish athletics, who know that he is like a ‘rocket’) in the first meeting of the Diamond League in Gateshead. But it is that he has starred in a spectacular, tremendous career, quickly taking the lead with stars such as Isaac Kimeli, Kibet, Gressier and Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

Adverse conditions

On a rainy and windy afternoon, in totally adverse conditions, the Murcian has made a race for history. With personality, pairing up with Kimeli in the final laps, Mohamed has crossed the finish line gritting his teeth with 13:08:52. A final sprint of aúpa and that makes him improve his personal best, keep an eye on the data, 13:50:19. He dropped his best time by almost 42 seconds. An atrocity. The minimum was 13:13:50.

Two Olympic minimums already have that of Mula, who is, as we said, the most fit athlete of the moment at a national and international level. Tonight at Gateshead has been an exhibition to remember. A victory in the most prestigious competition in the world. He had, eye to the data, the second worst personal best of the 19 participants. Mechaal and Oumaiz, by the way, have ended up retiring.

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