News : 1. FC Union Berlin v Borussia Dortmund live: Current Score 3: 1

News :

1. FC Union Berlin v Borussia Dortmund live: Current Score 3: 1

84th min

Dortmund continues to hang in his attack efforts at the Berlin sixteenth. Hardly any punch at BVB.

81. min

Third change at the euphoric hosts: Felix Kroos comes for Anthony Ujah.

77th min

It will make the guests even more offensive - but that was urgently needed. Dahoud is now the only six, Guerreiro comes on the left, Reus and Brandt play in the center.

77th min

... and Joshua Mees replaces Marius Bülter in the position.

76th min

Both teams change: Raphael Guerreiro arrives at BVB for Julian Weigl ...

75th min

Now it comes very thick for BVB! Dortmund clears the corner from the right to short, Becker and Andrich rebuild. The Dutchman draws on the left into the fives, bringing the ball flat from the outside of the first post. There Andersson is completely free, the striker pushes from five meters flat in the far corner.

75th min

Sebastian Andersson! 3: 1 Union! Incredible.

75th min

Next corner for Union, again it will make Trimmel.

71. min

20 minutes before the end there is the second drinking break of the game. Does that play into BVB's cards?

69th min

Dortmund does not manage to create a powerplay. Again and again Union comes in the penalty area of ​​the guests, a response of Borussia is pending. Even another goal of the home side would not be surprising, measured by the course of the game.

68th min

Hummels with a strong save in the penalty area against Bülter, then the counterattack over Brandt - but the pass on the top on Alcácer is too sharp.

63. min

For the time being, however, Urs Fischer changes: The experienced Manuel Schmiedebach leaves, the even more experienced Christian Gentner comes. A change one-to-one in position.

62. min

One hour is played. Union explores again and again discharge phases, Dortmund usually stays at the sixteenth. On the bench, Lucien Favre still has options in attack, such as Götze, Guerreiro or Bruun Larsen.

58th min

In the Berlin stranglehold. The BVB does not find its usual Tempospiel and lies with 1: 2 against the promoted from Köpenick back. Pictured: Robert Andrich (l) in a duel with Marco Reus. Photo: Andreas Gora, dpa

58th min

Sancho sends the ball on to the right for Piszczek and his cross hits Gikiewicz. Disordered, the game of BVB.

55th min

The BVB seems dazed, finds no order in the game structure. Union surfs on the wave of success, in the stands goes from the post.

53. min

This has certainly presented itself differently to Dortmund. Dahoud shows a reaction and moves from 22 meters, just left past.

50th min

Madness! Andersson go in a counterattack in one-on-one with Akanji, pulls past the Swiss central defender. The striker fails first with his degree to Keeper Bürki. The ball goes to the side, where Bülter rushes in from the left and shoots from 16 meters down the left. A great hit!

50th min

Union takes the lead again! Marius Bülter scored with his second goal, the 2: 1.

48th min

At BVB, it is technically even more adept with the inclusion of Dahoud in the center. Dahoud played in the summer a strong U21 European Championship, now has to prove in his third year at BVB in the club.

48th min

The first conclusion then belongs to Reus after header clearance Alcácer - far over it.

47th min

Dr. holds again Felix Brych the game, this time because of numerous pyro ignitions in both fan bearings.

46th min

Lucien Favre exchanges for the break once in a while: Mahmoud Dahoud comes for Thomas Delaney, possibly due to the Dan's head injury from the first round.

46th min

The players are back, so are we - it's on in Berlin!

45th min + 5th min

Berlin happiness. Anthony Ujah (r) celebrates after a 1: 0-goal by Marius Bülter (not pictured). Meanwhile, Paco Alcácer equaled for Dortmund, over the 1: 1 at break, the newly promoted may still be happy. Photo: Andreas Gora, dpa

45th min + 5th min

1: 1 at break - Union dares offensively to something, makes every now and then back on. Dortmund began powerfully and had 75 percent possession in the first 45 minutes. Then it was again the black-yellow weakness in standards, a tricky corner trick over Trimmel and Bülter resulted in 1: 0 for the outsider. Dortmund then set the pace, came back with Alcácer return - then it was, however, with the drinking break calmer. Only towards the end of the first half did it again come to Torabschlüssen, and they made you want more. In a quarter of an hour we are back!

45th min + 5th min

Then referee Brych pauses. 1: 1 it is after 45 minutes.

45th min + 5th min

And again Andersson, this time for a corner - his header goes over it.

45th min + 3rd min

On the other hand, Hakimi makes a high ball into the penalty area again exciting, Andersson tries it directly - Akanji fakes off, Bürki is on hand. Luck for the BVB.

45th min + 2nd min

Dortmund takes another ride! Alcácer hacks for Reus in front of Sixteen, he tries on the left - Gikiewicz clears the corner. But it will blow up ..

45th min

Once again, the speed is on the Berlin four-chain, this time Brandt leads the ball centrally - his pass to the top to Reus gets a bit too long.

44th min

Post! Sancho prevails in an overpayment situation on the right well, puts in the middle for Weigl. The central midfielder attempts it from 20 meters with the inside, his shot touches the right on the aluminum.

42. min

It's almost five minutes to the break. Dortmund continues to strive for control of the game, Union is rarely up front - but there is also a lack of promising deals at BVB.

39th min

With fresh jersey and stapled temple, it continues for now for Delaney. Union missed it in the majority situation, to attack Dortmund earlier.

37th min

Dortmund tenth in this phase, Delaney will continue to be treated. Mo Dahoud warms up as a precaution.

34th min

Heavy clash between Delaney and Andersson. The Dortmund player has to be treated with a bleeding wound on his left temple, but he is conscious and could come in again.

30 min

Between the Berlin and the Dortmund block it gets heated, numerous folders go in between. Dr. Felix Brych looks at the action briefly, then it goes on - hopefully especially footballing.

28. min

As in one or two previous situations, Christopher Lenz was defensively disordered in the goal. Dortmund attacks mainly from the Berlin left-back, once Brandt came through well, then it was close to the 1: 1 Jadon Sancho.

26. min

Dr. Felix Brych takes some pace from the story and asks for a drink break. It is really warm in Berlin.

25. min

That was too fast for Union! Reus puts out of the central right out on Sancho, who has a lot of space. Alcácer comes in the middle, Sancho brings the ball flat perfectly behind the defense - Dortmund's striker pushes from close range to his fourth goal of the season.

25. min

The direct answer! Paco Alcácer with the 1: 1 for BVB.

24. min

Dortmund are again 1-0 down, as in the previous two league games. For standards, the BVB seems very vulnerable.

22. min

The forestry rages! Trimmel brings the corner from the right flat in the back of the defense, so did not expect black and yellow. So Bülter comes free from the central office to the conclusion, takes the ball directly and completes strongly down right!

22. min

The outsider takes the lead! Marius Bülter with the 1: 0 for Union.

22. min

On the other hand, Union makes it strong with a ball from the deep - Ujah is sent to the left on the left, Delaney just cleared the corner to the corner.

20 min

Good ball from Akanji from deep behind the defense, Trimmel lifts the offside - Reus tries it free in front of Gikiewicz directly, but shoots over it.

19th min

It would be good for Union to disrupt the game earlier in this phase. Andersson and Co. focus mainly on Hummels and Akanji, but much is also running on six Julian Weigl.

18th min

Good double pass on the right between Sancho and Reus, the young Englishman moves from 16 meters - flat just left past.

17. min

Dortmund has over 80 percent possession in this phase, Union is very deep. Again and again, the black and yellow settle in front of the penalty area, but a really dangerous conclusion was not there - that can be booked as a partial success Berlin.

14th min

Reus takes the matter to the right and tries it directly - external network!

13. min

Brandt is left agile against Trimmel and Schmiedebach, then pulls the national team on the penalty kick free.

11. min

Union does not hide, always comes well over the right side forward. However, it is also clear: The Eiserne can not quite turn off BVB in their own half today.

10. min

The cross from the right sails past red and yellow, then Subotic beheads the second ball just to the right of the goal. That would have been something if the ex-Dortmunder had marked the 1-0 here.

10. min

Becker gets ten minutes on his right side against Hakimi the first corner out.

7. min

Good reaction from the hosts: Trimmel serves Andersson with a cross on the left post, but the striker does not get any pressure on the ball. Hummels clarifies, Sheraldo Becker puts the margin on the right.

6th min

This time comes Brandt on the right, Hummels plays a strong diagonal ball - Lenz misjudges. So the national team pulls into the box, plays flat in front of goal - Alcácer and Sancho miss.

6th min

At BVB, they replace Hazard in front of the group, sometimes Sancho appears on the left, sometimes it's Brandt.

3rd min

Dortmund strives at the beginning for game control, Berlin attacks from the midline with two men in front.

2nd min

Union starts completely in red, the guests completely in yellow. It's really loud at the beginning of the stadium.

1st min

Impressive scenery and top weather. A perfect football day is starting in Berlin.

1st min

Now football is played! Kick-off in Berlin.

preliminary report

"Eisern Union" - the anthem sung by Nina Hagen sounds in the Köpenicker Stadium. Goosebumps at the Alte Försterei. In a few minutes it starts!

preliminary report

Missing only the staff of the referee: Felix Brych will lead the game today.

preliminary report

Three changes at BVB: Last week strong Hakimi replaces Schulz in the back left, with Delaney and Brandt replacing Witsel and Hazard.

Roman Bürki - Lukasz Piszczek, Manuel Akanji, Mats Hummels, Achraf Hakimi - Julian Weigl, Thomas Delaney - Jadon Sancho, Marco Reus, Julian Brandt - Paco Alcácer

preliminary report

Let's take a look at the initial formations - Union with a 4-4-2 and Ujah and Andersson in the doubles

Rafal Gikiewicz - Christopher Trimmel, Marvin Friedrich, Neven Subotic, Christopher Lenz - Sheraldo Becker, Robert Andrich, Manuel Schmiedebach, Marius Bülter - Sebastian Andersson, Anthony Ujah

preliminary report

Lucien Favre has to renounce his Belgian axle today: Thorgan Hazard suffered a rib injury against Cologne, Axel Witsel also failed during the week with a hamstring.

preliminary report

Borussia Dortmund started, like last 2017/18, with two wins in a Bundesliga season. Augsburg did not give Augsburg a chance on Matchday 1, Dortmund won 3-1 in Cologne last week. Nevertheless, both times the BVB fell behind, then turned in halftime but two on.

preliminary report

For one, the game is something special today: Neven Subotic came from summer 2008 to January 2018 to 196 Bundesliga games for Borussia Dortmund and won twice the championship. His former center-back partner faces him today - both Mats Hummels and Subotic are in the starting eleven.

preliminary report

Haifischbecken first league: Union Berlin got in his first two Bundesliga games a point. This is the weakest yield of a Bundesliga newcomer since Energie Cottbus 2000/01 (two defeats). Last week, they secured a 1: 1 at FC Augsburg by the goal of Sebastian Andersson.

preliminary report

Union Berlin and Borussia Dortmund meet for the third time in a competitive match. The two previous duels took place in each case in the second round of the DFB Cup (2016/17, 2018/19), the BVB prevailed both times. Curious: After 90 minutes, the Iron each remained unbeaten.

preliminary report

Welcome to the top match of the third matchday! Union Berlin welcomes Borussia Dortmund!

preliminary report

1. FC Union Berlin - Borussia Dortmund

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