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10 shoes to consider when running again

It is clear that the situation that humanity is currently experiencing is unmatched. On a social level, although not everything is written, it seems that there is almost no shortage ... But, what about sports? It is clear that competitions have stopped, in almost all sports. In some countries they follow some disciplines, but without public. Because ... where is the public? Mainly in their houses, voluntarily, or mandatory, depending on where the sun goes down.

The physical condition is not the same as two months ago. And not only because of the absence of the usual training sessions: lifestyle, eating, social, mobility ... everything has changed. And everything results in that our body is changing with it.

I suppose that all of us at some point have seen the feats in space, and how astronauts have had to adapt to a small space, with little mobility, nutrition based on dehydrated, ionized, powdered food, etc ... All in news that hardly paraded a few seconds through our retinas and ... to something else. Not them, because when our head was already on something else, the astronauts were still there, in their confinement.

Well, today's article is about confinement. Good, rather post-confinement, given that we will go out again, to conquer the streets, parks, roads and places where you can unleash this on foot race ...

However, before going back to intense workouts where you can sharpen your legs and subject them to interesting loads, we will have to go through a period as close to a "preseason", we have prepared a selection of the best shoot-based daily training shoes that is currently on offer in the runner market.

Quality, very, very careful cushioning, soles capable of accumulating kilometers, with or without haste and with or without pause, and upper with very fine finishes. Everything so that the "back to school" in this running, is as placid and safe as possible, obtaining the maximum performance.

Here we go with a selection of a lot of level!


New Balance surprises with this FuelCell Propel by being able to bring technology designed to take advantage of the rebound to daily training. With this model he achieves a very good combination of reactive and durable cushioning with a high feeling of comfort.

The runners and runners to whom this FuelCell Propel is directed are those who are looking for light, cushioned and reactive daily training shoes that are going to be used regardless of the type of distance to travel. In addition, given their configuration they do not deserve to take them to some competition, despite the fact that New Balance already has other models of mixed shoes, such as New Balance 890, or directly from competition such as New Balance 1400 and 1500 or the brown beast of just 170gr that is New Balance Hanzo.

The rhythms at which they are used do not have to be the fastest on the track (which is why there are other models) and it makes sense to use them optimally from the surroundings of 4:30 ”a thousand, and thereafter as they are intended to roll as a priority. The comfort of use is another factor to take into account.

The weight is 262gr for men and 200gr for women, while the drop is 6mm. The official price of the New Balance Fuelcell Propel is € 120. (OPPORTUNITY: see offers man - woman)

New Balance FuelCell Propel, Running Shoes for Women, Black (Black Black), 39 EU
Price: € 82.49

You save: € 37.51 (31%) (31%)


Mizuno Wave Skyrise is a daily training shoe where the Japanese brand has taken care that it has a lot of and very comfortable cushioning. This will allow for runs of all kinds, even the longest.

The midsole is the star of this model that will delight those who like to run with great cushioning underfoot. X-POP is the great technological surprise of this model because not only does it focus on that cushioning, it also works with reactivity, in case at any moment it is intended to increase the pace, that the shoe responds.

Accompanying this new compound, two other of the best of the Japanese brand, U4iC and U4iCX accompany him in what Mizuno calls Wave Foam. The heights are 31 and 21mm for a drop of 10mm.

The breathable mesh upper cut uses Dynamotion Fit as technology to keep the foot secure in any step of the step. On the other hand, if we go to the sole, there we find the heavy weights in the form of rubber, although with surprise: it is translucent. Traction and durability are guaranteed, while a large longitudinal groove runs through the heel shoe to the toe to guide the tread. The final weight, however, does not rise much as it is 300gr in the men's finish and 240gr in the women's.

The official price of Mizuno Wave Skyrise is € 140. (See offers)

Mizuno Wave SKYRISE, Men's Running Shoes, TTango / TPort


Brooks Glycerin 17 is a daily training shoe for neutral tread or insole. It is mainly focused for those who look for maximum cushioning and that it is also very soft.

They can be used by runners and runners of all rhythms, since, as we said, thanks to DNA LOFT the midsole is able to softly cushion at calm rhythms and instead be firmer and reactive at fast rhythms. Still, I keep saying shoemaker to your shoes, and if you want a sharper profile this is not exactly the right option. And Brooks precisely offers sneakers more in line with those needs such as Levitate or Ricochet.

The weight of those who wear it can be very varied, although those who are going to get the most potential from it are going to be runners and runners of medium and heavy weights.

Speaking of weight, these sneakers stay at 301gr in the men's finish and 261gr in the women's one. For both sexes the drop is 10mm.

The official price for Brooks Glycerin 17 is € 170. Model 16 is very good price right now.

Brooks Glycerin 17, Men's Running Shoes, Red (Red / Biking Red / Peacoat 683), 45.5 EU

Price: € 125.00

You save: € 45.00 (26%) (26%)

Brooks Glycerin 16, Men's Running Shoes, Multicolor (Black / Orange / Gray 069), 41 EU

Price: € 74.14

You save: € 95.86 (56%) (56%)


adidas Ultraboost 20 is a great daily training shoe where high-end materials are dumped, along with very advanced designs, as well as technologies associated with NASA and the ARAMIS movement analysis system are present in its conception.

With 310gr, it will get the best performance from all those runners and runners looking for shoes to use mainly in training based on shootings. Or in races where they look above all for comfort to accompany them from kilometer 1 to the finish line, especially the longer it is.

Midsole It stands out for including 20% ​​more of the Boost cushioned material, seeking that running comfort and rebound capacity increase even more if possible. The drop is 10mm based on heights of 22mm at the heel and 12mm at the forefoot. A Torsion piece inside will help stabilize the tread, while underneath, the sole made of Continental® rubber guarantees both traction and durability. This is further enhanced by the type of Stretchweb compound that makes the sole more flexible and adaptable to the firm, while running.

Above, a mesh that uses TFP (Tailored Fiber Placement) technology, is responsible for supporting the foot in all phases of the tread without leaving a millimeter without any function to perform, including that of breathability.

The official price of Adidas Ultraboost 20 is € 179.95. With very good discounts today, both for men - and the model for women.


ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 is a high-end daily training shoe prepared for all types of distances, including the longest. It is focused on runners and runners with a neutral footprint or insole and who are looking for a high-quality shoe for their training based on filming and long distance competitions in which they want to be comfortable above all else.

The way ASICS does this on this Nimbus 22 is by combining the AHAR and Blown Rubber material of the sole (traction and durability), with those of the midsole: GEL®, Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel (durable cushioning and reactivity), and a mesh Jacquard (fit, lightness and breathability).

The midsole also offers a drop of 10mm for men and 13mm for women. And all with an approximate weight of 310gr in men and 255gr in women.

A great option for those who like to run or compete at quieter than nervous rhythms, leaving the tasks of the series and / or competition for the most appropriate footwear according to the case: mixed or flying shoes (competition).

The official price of ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 is € 180. (see offers)

Asics Gel-Nimbus 22, Men's Running Shoes, Yellow (SafetyYellow / Black 751), 42 EU
Price: € 135.00


New Balance Fresh Foam More v2 makes good the motto with which the American brand presents it: Made soft to work hard ... No more no less. This is a model with a midsole height with the only precedent from the first installment of More: no less than 30mm at the heel and 26mm at the forefoot. Lots of height, but for a drop of just 4mm. It is so because in this centennial brand they have been clear about what they are looking for: the model with the highest level of damping in New Balance.

It is a daily training shoe, but due to its characteristics it should not clash in races, especially long distance races. The rhythms to which it would be used would be the most suitable for training based on filming, from 4'20 ”-4’30”, upwards with no limit to calm running.

Due to its high degree of cushioning and the careful stability it will be able to use runners and runners of all kinds of weights. And beware, because if the first version lacked reinforcements in the upper, New Balance has corrected it and now it will hold more consistently. But above all they will be able to use all those who seek maximum cushioning. The weight is really surprising for all these characteristics since it drops even more than its predecessor and stays at just 271gr in the men's finish and 223gr in the women's one.

The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam More is € 150. See offers for men - women)

New Balance More V1 Fresh Foam - Foam for Men, Color Blue, Size 40 EU

Price: € 87.80

You save: € 62.20 (41%) (41%)


Saucony Triumph 17 is a shoe designed for runners and runners of medium-high weight, with a neutral tread and who are looking for comfortable shoes and a cushioning top for all types of training, especially for long runs and competitions. Thanks to its shape, it becomes a very good option to use templates.

With an 8mm drop and a weight of 305gr in the male model and 261gr in the female model, they are lighter than their predecessors and that will make them even more versatile for both the type of training and competitions and for asphalt, dirt, grass…

In short, if you are looking for maximum cushioning, without losing the option to compete with them, this is your option. You will be able to do daily workouts and your longest competitions (half marathon and marathon). The recommended retail price for the Saucony Triumph 17 is € 170. (see offers).

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 - Running Shoes for Men, Blue (Blue / Orange) 42.5 EU
Price: € 85.60


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is one of the best weapons that the American brand focuses on providing stable cushioning for overpronators. It shares space with two other great stability control training models within the brand itself, such as Brooks Transcend and Brooks Vapor. Adrenaline GTS 20 is a daily training shoe that uses an integral support system with Guide Rails, guides that allow you to advance in the footprint by controlling excess pronation.

It incorporates the star stability element of the American brand: Guide Rails. Also the compounds DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA. The first technical resource consists of a biomechanical solution for the midsole that aims to stabilize the inside and limit excess movement on the outside. The materials are focused on providing better entry by reducing the effects of that first impact against the ground when running and providing smooth, responsive cushioning.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is included in the Seattle's "Cushion" silo and has an adequate weight of 300gr for men and 266gr for women. The drop is 12mm. A shoe for training based on filming or competitions if these are above all longer than short. Profiles of all kinds can be used, but without a doubt those who have a medium or high weight will be able to squeeze it to the maximum. (See best discounts).


Mizuno Wave Sky 3 is a daily training shoe designed for those who, above all, want to travel long distances and also do it comfortably. This is so because the Japanese brand has sought in this model to concentrate the largest cushioning offer in its entire catalog ... there is nothing! Wave Sky 3 breaks with an almost Mizuno tradition since it does not include its traditional Pébax plate in the midsole. Instead it uses the new XPOP compound, combined with two other materials like U4iC and U4iCX. All three together provide maximum cushioning, along with durability, softness and reactivity. An all in one, come on. The heights are 30mm at the heel and 20mm at the forefoot, which gives a drop of 10mm.

It will be very useful for those who want to make all kinds of runs, especially medium / long distances ... and beyond! The user profile that can get the most juice from it would be found among those looking for a great and soft cushioning and that this is not at odds with a good return of energy.

Runners who train long distances, or who even want to take them to long-distance competitions will have a great ally in this model, especially if they are medium to high, high or very high, and the rhythms they are looking for are not precisely the fastest on the "grill". Its weight is logical in a shoe of this profile: 320gr in the men's finish and 275gr in the women's one.

It is clear that Mizuno has looked in Wave Sky 3 for a high-performance shoe, but with great comfort. The price, below € 100.

Mizuno Wave Sky 3, Men's Running Shoes, Gray (GlacierGray / White / EnamelBlue 02), 44 EU

Price: € 98.30

You save: € 76.70 (44%) (44%)


New Balance 1080v10 is a top daily training shoe with great cushioning and wearing comfort. Despite belonging to that group and being able to withstand any type of shoot-based training (regardless of time or mileage), it has a really low weight: 280gr in the men's finish and 238gr in the women's.

Much of the blame lies with Fresh Foam X, since by itself this compound manages to reduce the total weight quite a lot compared to its predecessor by putting even more volume of material in the midsole. Another notable element is the flexibility, both of the Fresh Foam and of the sole itself (the latter thanks to a segmentation that favors and smooths the transition of the tread).

Those who use it could also take it to some competition, especially the more distance it is or if the race pace is going to be above 4'20 ”-4'30” per thousand. For happier rhythms there are other options, including evaluating combining with mixed shoes, or if you are really fast and only want for certain workouts, with competition shoes.

Fresh Foam 1080v10 is highly recommended for those who, in addition to performance, also seek high comfort. The official price of the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 is € 170. (See best discounts).

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 London Running Shoes - SS20-42

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