News : 10k from Laredo: Kiplimo, go for the sub 27 '; Abbey and May, for the Record of Spain

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10k from Laredo: Kiplimo, go for the sub 27 '; Abbey and May, for the Record of Spain

Jacob Kiplimo will be the big attraction in Laredo

It is not far fetched to say that it is probably the fastest circuit in the world. And it has been earned that every year also some of the best athletes in the world decide to go there to fly. The 10k of Laredo is a classic already in the national and international calendar. 10,000 meters through the streets of this Cantabrian town exciting and that will gather, for example, to names like Jacob Kiplimo. 2,000 lucky and lucky, dozens of nationalities and many better brands fulminated. We spoke with the organizer and alma mater Jonatan Flores.

How are those days before the test?

“The truth is that they are going very well. You already know that we comment on social networks that Entries sold out the same day we opened them, 2,000 bibs. Everyone wants to run here, wherever you go, they know the 10 kilometers of Laredo. In that sense we are very happy. ”

I imagine that it is a very good sign to wear bibs the same day that the inscriptions open ...

“The circuit is the same, we have not touched it. We have many requests to put 5,000 or even 6,000 people. We could do it by changing the circuit, but we don't want to vary the essence. The circuit is very fast, last year he won with 27:13, the Ugandan Kissa, an athlete who has a lot of level, but is not a world top. The fastest on the planet? I I was in Valencia a month ago and it is at a brutal level. Not only the one who won did 26:24, is that the middle level rose a lot. Last year the 100th ranked in Valencia ran over 32 ’and in Laredo it was 31:39. But it is that this year the classified 100 in Valencia has done 30:30. In any strip you look we have been pulverized. ”

“Some athletes keep saying they liked Laredo a lot, others tell me that Valencia. For example my intimate friend Javi Guerra, who is at a spectacular level. When he finished in Valencia he told me “Joni, this circuit is wonderful”. Many people, including longtime veterans, who broke their chrono in Valencia. ”

Tell us how that circuit will be.

“The circuit is totally urban and the base is in the center of town. They are two laps and the second is somewhat longer than the first to avoid bending. The first is 4,400 and the second approximately 5,600. The first straight line makes 1.1km and then goes back there, goes and comes back, four times. I think the race has six curves along the 10 kilometers and there is only one slightly closed, so nothing is lost. 0 climbs, not one meter goes up and 0 meters down. The ride is perfect for running. Proof of this is that he who won, Stephen Kissa, this year he did in Valencia 27:43 I think. He is a good athlete, but he is not a top. If it's been a day since it has to be done, I think it has to be lowered to 27 ’which is our goal”.

“The runner wants to run fast. If you can also do it in a comfortable circuit, that the exit and the goal is so close, and then in a place like Laredo, a very beautiful fishing village, with a beach. Well there you have it. Laredo has something, everything he organizes is a success. It is an attractive test, no doubt. ”

What figures does the evidence hide?

“Laredo is a very quiet town in winter, just 11,000 inhabitants. Then in summer we almost reached 100,000. D50 provinces in Spain have 49 registered. More than 400 people from Madrid, from the Canary Islands almost 80, from the Balearic Islands, from Ceuta. Then we also have 28 countries represented. I think the numbers to have only 2,000 entries are brutal. ”

“Last year was the best classification in the history of Laredo and in general almost the world. He won with 27:13 but the second one did 27:26, three more athletes dropped from 28 ’and then say that you are 100 with 31: 39… A popular can win many races with that record every weekend. There are amazing numbers. 51% of those who reached the finish line dropped from 40 ’. 1800 and peak arrived and almost 1,000 fell. It is one of the things that make people want to repeat. ”

Kiplimo, one of the stars in the background in a town of 10,000 inhabitants

“We have been behind Kiplimo for a long time. Bringing an athlete of this level, such as Kipruto, Cheptegei or Kiplimo to start has to fit. It has to square them, beyond the cache they have. Why Even if you pay them the gold and the Moor goes ahead, they do well at the calendar level. That's why they won't go. Then he fit Laredo. Last year he won everything he ran except the World Cup, which was won by fellow countryman Cheptegei and was ahead of a ‘tal’ Kamworor. He made a spectacular San Silvestre Vallecana, broke the Kipchoge record; in the Vallecana he did 26:41 and I think that in Laredo you can improve that, He's prepared. His managers have told us that he comes here to give everything, that he is very strong. Everything indicates that we will see a sub 27 ’I hope”.

“Together with Kiplimo comes Oscar Chelimo, which will make him a hare, they are like brothers. Then Samuel Kibet, another top-level athlete, and then 13 or 14 more Kenyans. The athlete who has made a hare from Javi Guerra, who told me it was wonderful. Will make hare to Carlos Mayo and Toni Abadía, who come with the very clear objective of breaking the record of Spain, which has Abbey of Laredo 2018. The two go for it, move to 13:45 the 5k and overcome it. They have been training together every day in height in Bronchales, doing brutal sessions. We have put two hares to take them to the rhythm of Spain's Record and from there they play it. In the gymnastic ulía Carlos won him well ”.

Is it crazy to think of World Record?

“It must be recognized that the world record that Cheptegei beat in Valencia left him at 26:38. It was very difficult. Kiplimo could try to beat that brand, but it is that then Kipruto drops it to you at 26:24 and that's a real brutality. I have been told that Rhonex has asked to try the track world record in July in Engelo (of 10,000). I remember that in Valencia he ran from 5 to 10 at 13:05 alone, without a hare, it's a barbarity. ”

How can a test of this magnitude be carried out in such a small town?

“The race has been growing little by little every year. We have great help, the city is very strong, the Cantabria government also, the tourism society, we have powerful sponsors. We have a budget that compared to any other race in the area is very high, but compared to other powerful tests in Spain we do not reach 5%. We juggle, we move a lot, we invest the entire budget without any benefit and much enthusiasm. Laredo is known everywhere and the race has a lot to do. We adjust a lot. ”

What requests do African athletes make when they come?

“They are very humble people, very few requests. They usually arrive on Thursday (Kiplimo will arrive that day), they like to be calm, they eat a lot of fruit, they go up to the room. If you tell them to visit somewhere they will say yes, but what they want is to rest, do their filming (the hotel is on the same circuit and there is a park 40 meters away). Many times they get up on Friday at 5 in the morning, then they will take off. It is what they want. When I have been to Eldoret and Ethiopia they are what they are looking for. Tranquility. They don't think about anything other than running. Kiplimo level athletes who come to do something great do like to see the circuit, analyze it well, the most tight curves. But wow, very simple people. The majority are kids. Kiplimo, from the year 2000, Chelimo, from 2001, Kibet, from the year 2000. By the way, if Kiplimo went down 27 'it would be the fourth in history to do so. ”

A spectacular female poster

"In women, it will be the best race in the history of Laredo by far. Comes Sheila Chelangat, a great girl. We closed it the week before the trials in Kenya. It is from the year 98. In the trials we thought it could be in the first three or four and ended up winning. Cloth with that because they ran all good, no one was missing. He asked for a bonus to go down from 30:15 that means that it is for that. Then we have five or six international Swedish athletes, one Danish with 15:07 in 5,000, Spanish we have Paula González, Isabel Barreiro. We have an endless list, 10 or 12 of a huge level. The Women's Record is at 29:47.

“The town is totally overturned. From institutions to any pool. All year, not just the day of the test. Any store or store has photos of the test, pictures hanging. There is no establishment that does not collaborate. The ‘chup-chup’ is during all previous months. As here in Laredo we all know each other because that is part of the race. No one has ever complained, the whole ‘return’ is positive. ”

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