News : 12 athletes arrested in Kenya arrested for skipping confinement

News :

12 athletes arrested in Kenya arrested for skipping confinement

A group of athletes train in Kenya

Activity is hectic at Kenya's training camps. Well, it was, because like most venues and events that accumulate large numbers of people, they have been forced to close due to this whole coronavirus crisis. The Kipchoge, Kamworor and company have had to go home and give up the spring season as all the races on the horizon have been canceled (in the case of Eliud, the London Marathon and the Tokyo Olympics ). Well, in Iten, one of the mecca of the world fund, up to 12 athletes (10 locals and two foreigners) have been arrested for having gone out to train and skipped the confinement decreed in the African country.

"They have made a serious mistake"

These athletes were taken to the local police station, according to the Kenyan publication ‘Daily Nation’. The Kenyan Federation had to ‘tertiate’ in the matter and step out assuring that they had made a mistake. Even coach Elkanah Ruto admitted that they had put people at risk because of their unconsciousness. "The athletes were arrested by security officers in collaboration with the county health department. This department was the one that had contacted us to explain how we should carry out our training to ensure that we stay safe from the coronavirus, ”said Ruto.

COVID-19 cases continue to be low, as Marc Roig, physiotherapist and physical trainer at the ‘training camp’ in Kaptagat commented a few days ago.

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