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15 essential deals to do sports at home

sports equipment at home

For those of us who are used to doing sports outside the home, confinement is beginning to take its toll. The first days passed quite well. The social networks and the challenges that appeared spontaneously helped to cope better with the situation, but the thing is becoming repetitive and the creativity to make exercises at home begins to come to an end.

Given that the forecast of the reopening of gyms and sports centers is not exactly optimistic, there is nothing better than to recover in health and buy some sports equipment at home.

Given the difficulty that we are all experiencing and given the complexity of the situation for those who love outdoor sports, I have taken care of combing the depleted market of sporting goods to bring you a meticulous selection in the form of a compilation with 15 essential deals to do sports at home. Material of all kinds and for all tastes.

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* At the time of publication Amazon continues to operate normally in Spanish territory. To know last minute information or possible changes in delivery times, I recommend you visit the guide of frequently asked questions that they have prepared for COVID - 19

Sports equipment for training at home

Elastic bands

I assure you that few purchases will be so rewarding throughout your life. The Omeril elastic bands come with a set of 3 tapes so you can adapt the repetitions depending on the resistance. The yellow band is the softest, the middle level red band and the advanced level blue band. With 3 bands you have more than enough so that the whole family can practice intense exercise depending on their level.

A perfect product for work all kinds of muscles and effectively exercise the extension of the whole body. With the elastic bands you can do work triceps, biceps, back, waist, leg or hip among other muscle groups.

An investment of just 20 euros that will be useful for you in the present and in the future. The elastic bands hardly take up space and you can easily take them on your trips. I recommend that you get the 2 meter version. Ideal size to do exercises of all kinds without any limitation.

OMERIL Elastic Fitness Bands, Elastic Fitness Bands with 3 Levels of Resistance, 3 Pieces Resistance Band for Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, Stretches, Strength, Legs, Arms, Woman and Man
Price: € 18.99

You save: € 1.00 (5%) (5 %)

Sports mat

If you do not want to leave your back doing abs or smash your elbows when you get on the "plank", get a sports mat. Indispensable material for practicing sport at home that you will continue to give usefulness when the confinement passes. A mat at home always comes in handy, both in and out of sports. Just 15 euros that will allow you to do a multitude of exercises on the floor, stretch and even do basic yoga exercises. The mat has dimensions of 180 x 50 x 0.8. Somewhat small, but more than enough to get out of trouble. Take advantage of the offer on this link before stocks fly! . For those looking for a higher quality model, I recommend Toplus. Perfect for doing yoga.

Mountain Warehouse Roller Mat - 180cm x 50cm x 0.8cm When Open and 18cm x 50cm When rolled, Light Sleeping Mat, Non-Inflating Blue One Size


If you are one of those who follows online exercise classes you will have noticed that one Fitball it almost always appears as indispensable material. For this reason, we bring you, before stocks fly, the Fitball Bodymate. An exercise ball for fitness that will help you boost your home training sessions.

The model that I leave you is of the best you can find in the market. Less than 20 euros that include part of the ball, an electronic exercise book and the air pump for easy inflation.

The ball is made of PVC without contaminants and has a non-slip surface for yoga and pilates exercises. You have it available in different colors and in two dimensions depending on your height. Get one of the best fitballs on the market now!

BODYMATE Exercise Ball for Fitnes - ebook with exercises included
Price: € 20.63

TRX for suspension exercises

Another tremendously interesting product when we talk about home training is the TRX. A very useful element that allows you to make multifunctional exercises in a very small space.

Suspension training is ideal for building back, chest, abdomen, arm, and leg muscles. Installation is extremely simple and can be placed on door frames, hooks and bars. The TRX Fitop includes anchoring solutions so that it can be safely placed at different points. The TRX supports a resistance close to 500 kilos so you will not have to worry about a thing. A quality investment that will allow you to make infinity of exercises with a single product. Check the TRX Fitop offer at the following link.

FITOP Suspension Training Fitness Suspension Trainer Pro Exercise for Strengthening Resistance and Muscle Toning Exercise Accessories Set Load up to 500 Kg

Skipping rope

You want to do cardio and you don't have room for an exercise bike or treadmill? Rest assured that with the Beast Gear jump rope we have the solution.

Few sports activities burn as many calories and are as intense as skipping rope. Perfect exercise to tone and lose fat.

In addition, the Beast Gear rope features a strong, lightweight, durable and flexible design to withstand high intensity workouts. The internal steel cable has a protective coating so that the rope does not bend or tangle.

Without a doubt, what for many will be nonsense, is for me one of the great recommendations for doing sports at home. Get now one of the best strings on the market for less than 20 euros. Start skipping rope and then tell me if it was a good purchase or not.

High speed jump rope from Beast Gear. Jump rope for CrossFit, Boxing, MMA. Adjustable Length and Light Bearings, Ideal for Double Jumps. Lifetime warranty
Price: € 16.97

You save: € 2.02 (11%) (eleven %)

Ab Wheel - Abdominal Wheel

If you are starting to accumulate Abdominal fat few tools will be more useful than an Ab Wheel. The sit-up wheel can be used anywhere and is perfect for burn localized fat. In addition, with this purchase you make sure to do the abs with a better technique and thus minimize the risk of injury. I personally recommend this Ab Wheel from Adidas. One of the most successful and sold on the market. The support is good and the quality material.

BODYMATE AB Roller Classic I Abs with Mat I Nero I Abdominal with Comfort Handles I Abs I AB Wheel
Price: € 14.64

Foam roller

The foam roller is the self massage tool that every athlete should have at home. A foam roller that is used both to exercise and to relax muscles.

The foam roller allows you to work trigger points and improve the recovery and blood circulation.

The foam roller is easy to transport as it takes up little space. I recommend that you get as soon as possible with one of these foam rollers that you have for less than 20 euros. Check it out as they are available in various colors

Foam Roller Foam Roller Small Pilates for Massage Therapy - For Muscular Fitness Pilates Yoga - The Best Massage Tool for All Sports - Deep Tissue Myofascial Release
Price: € 19.99

Balance board

A balance board will allow you to do multitude of exercises without leaving home and hardly leaving the room. The training table is ideal to do strength training, coordination and balance.

In addition, the SportPlus balance board has a non-slip rubber bottom that is safe for the floor. The grip is pretty good and it has side handles so you can comfortably do push-ups.

An interesting product, very useful and that will not take up space in your case. You have it available at the following Amazon purchase link.

SportPlus Balance Board with Handles - 40 cm Diameter Training Platform - Perfect for Strength Training, Coordination and Balance

Price: € 29.99

You save: € 10.00 (25%) (25%)


The dumbbells they are literally flying. The classic gym tool is being sold at a breakneck pace these days. There are still some models available so take advantage of what is left in stock and heal yourself in health. This Riscko dumbbell set that you can find on Amazon is still available at a decent price. If you think that the weight is little proof of increasing the number of repetitions and you will see how they begin to burn the arms.

Riscko - Set of 2 Vinyl Coated Dumbbells | Fitness Exercise | Home Training | Gym | Total Weight 3Kg (2Ud x 1.5 Kg) | 15 x 6 cm | Fuchsia color

Weighted vest

The truth is that with this of confinement online stores are running out of stock. Everyone is buying sports equipment at home and it is difficult to find products in a catalog and at a decent price. Everyone has in mind, dumbbells, elastic bands with resistance, pull-up bars ... this is all very well, but How about you try your luck with a weighted vest? Upload your own body weight and you will see how difficult it is for you to finish with the programmed exercises. Create your own resistance and distributes the weight throughout the body with the weighted vest. Purchase of great utility also thinking about the future. You can take it to the gym or even go running with it.

Turefans 10kg Adjustable Weight Training Vest

Push up Bars - push-up support

In a good exercise routine to do at home you cannot miss the push-ups. For this reason I bring you the 5 billion push up bars that allow you to do push-ups on the floor without hurting your back or your palms. By working with push-up bars you can do all kinds of push-ups to condition chest, triceps, back or even abdominal muscles. The design is robust and quality so it can support any weight. In addition, the bars are covered with soft, sweat-wicking foam. Do not miss the opportunity, while stocks remain on Amazon, to get hold of the 5 billion push up bars.

5BILLION Push Up Bars Stand Push Up - Home Gym Exercise Exercise Routine Training - Good for Your Muscle Workout - Foam Handle (Black)

Stationary bicycle

If you want to add some cardio, few more interesting investments than that of this exercise bike. A very basic model that surely would not have much before confinement. I recommend that you buy it as soon as possible because as this lengthens too much, the price will begin to rise and stocks will decrease. If you don't have a treadmill or treadmill, this is one of the few options at hand to add some cardio and keep weight and fat under control. The bicycle is foldable, bulky and has 8 levels of resistance. For less than 100 euros you have an exercise bike that does not need assembly.

Sportstech Folding Exercise Bike with X100-B Backrest with 4kg Flywheel + Tablet Stand + 4 Levels of Magnetic Resistance + Heart Rate sensors


If the previous bicycle does not convince you, you still have this available stepper with handles. An easy and comfortable product to use that has a digital screen that monitors data such as time, calorie consumption, resistance level or distance traveled.

The stepper is perfect for Burn calories and tone up especially vulnerable areas of the body when it comes to accumulating fat. Get this stepper and start doing leg, buttock and hip work. You have the stepper with free shipping through the following purchase link.

MAXOfit MF-3, 18006 - Step Machine with Handles, TÜV / GS Certified

Chin-up bar

As to pull-up bars the thing is also quite delicate. Finding stock is quite complicated, so the best thing you can do is buy this product immediately. The pull-up bar that I recommend features a rhombus structure that distributes the force through the door frame. Unlike what happens with other pull-up bars with this purchase, you will not have to be constantly aware of the support before starting each repetition. The perfectly adjustable screwless bar has a maximum load capacity of 220 kilos. The higher the pressure and the greater the weight, the greater the resistance of the bar. Take advantage of the few remaining stocks in this pull-up bar.

ZNL DDG01 - Door pull-up bar, up to 150 kg, red color

Rowing machine

If you are one of those who thinks that this confinement is going to last and you want to take seriously the train at home nothing better than a rowing machine to use you to the maximum and work different muscle groups. The economic investment is important, but it will be more than offset by the quality of the exercise.

Rowing is a perfect sport to do cardio and tone a large number of muscles in a short time. The rowing machine is being one of the star dishes of this confinement and has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. It also comes equipped with a Smartphone application and an LCD screen that measures time, distance, calories consumed and strokes per minute. If you have the necessary budget, I recommend you get one of these interesting rowing machines.

Like rowing on a lake without leaving home. The folding Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine gives you 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, smooth transmission, LCD screen, Smartphone app.

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