News : 1860 Munich – Preußen Münster live ticker: 3rd Bundesliga begins

News :

1860 Munich - Preußen Münster live ticker: 3rd Bundesliga begins

1860 Munich - Preußen Münster 0: 0

1860 Munich: Bonner - Paul, Weber, Erdmann, Steinhart - wine, Seferings - child - father, Bekiroglu, Willsch - Mölders
Preußen Münster: Schulze Niehues - Schauerte, Kittner, Scherder, Heidemann - Wagner, Brandenburger - Cueto, Litka, Ozcan - Moerschel

3rd minute: Erdmann clears Münster Özcan with outstretched leg and reaps the first yellow card of the game after 150 seconds.

1 minute: kick-off in Munich - the ball rolls!

6:56 pm: It's about time! The Grünwalder Stadium is sold out, everything is ready for the third league prelude.

6:15 pm: The lists are here! The Lions start surprisingly with Seferings instead of Dressel in the defensive midfield. Mörschel begins on the Münster side instead of Dadashov in the Sturmspitze.

Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. At the beginning of the new league season meet the traditional clubs 1860 Munich and Prussia Münster on each other.

The only committed a few days ago football midfielder Timo Gebhart will count to the Munich squad. A use in the initial formation holds the "lion" coach but not likely. "At least half an hour I trust him, if not a half," said Bierofka. In the past season, the Munich twelfth in the 3rd league. Preußen Münster reached the 8th place.

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