News : 19 years in a row going down 4 ‘on the mile

News : 19 years in a row going down 4 ‘on the mile

Willis touched the sky at 37

Habemus, a new protagonist in this start of 2021, the year in which we should begin to return to normal but that is hitting us hard from its first day in terms of the coronavirus pandemic and competitions. The New Zealander Nick Willis has achieved, at 37, a World Record of the most particular, but it is not for that reason less worthy or not worth praising. Willis has linked, neither more nor less, than 19 consecutive years going down four minutes in the mythical distance of the mile. On at least one occasion (in some year there have been up to five) of the 365 days that a year has since 2003, the oceanic has achieved something as notorious as reducing those four minutes in the mile (1.60934 kilometers).

Second in a Florida meeting

Nick managed to stop the clock in 3:58:63 at the Orange Winter Classic, a meeting organized in Clermont (Florida). He finished second behind Mason Ferlic, who outscored him by less than six tenths (3:58:05). In 2020 he equaled his compatriot John Walker, who linked 18 years in a row down four minutes (from 1973 to 1990).

Willis broke that barrier for the first time on February 8, 2003 at the age of 19, as reported by the ‘Let’s Run’ portal, and since then it has not failed. He achieved his personal best in 2014, at 31, when he achieved a record of 3:49:83. That year he managed neither more nor less than to go down five times from that four-minute barrier. Throughout this time Willis has ‘given time’ to get two Olympic medals (silver in Beijing and bronze in Rio).

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