News : 2. Bundesliga: VfB Stuttgart win a furious start 2: 1 against Hannover 96

News :

2. Bundesliga: VfB Stuttgart win a furious start 2: 1 against Hannover 96

First-class start in the 2nd Bundesliga! VfB Stuttgart win in a spectacular match 2-1 against Hannover 96. The two Bundesliga relegated and promotion favorites leave nothing out: Two courtesy, a curious own goal and a storm break.

  • Season start of the 2nd Bundesliga
  • Gomez and Didavi win VfB
  • Nightmare debut for Awoudja

VfB Stuttgart - Hannover 96 2: 1

Goals: 1: 0 Gomez (29), 2: 0 Didavi (36), 2: 1 Awoudja (ET, 39.)
Bes. Occurrences: yellow-red for Ostrzolek (63rd) and Awoudja (85th)

Stuttgart: Kobel - Stenzel, Kaminski (35th Awoudja), Kempf, Sosa - Karazor - Ascacibar, Castro (88th Mangala) - Didavi - Al Ghaddioui, Gomez

Hannover: Zieler - Jung, Franke, Anton, Ostrzolek - Bakalorz, Prib (71st Albornoz) - Haraguchi (61st Ducksch), Muslija, Maina (77th basket) - Weydandt

The essentials in brief: The VfB Stuttgart is against the desired victory Hannover 96 started in the project resurgence. The opening match of the 2. Bundesliga decided the Swabians on Friday evening with 2: 1 (2: 1) for themselves and brought coaches Tim Walter a successful competitive debut. Mario Gomez (29th minute) and Daniel Didavi (36.) Direct free kick fulfilled the hopes of most of the 52 021 expectant fans.

Own goal scored VfB defender Maxime Awoudja (39.) the connection for the Hanoverians. At first oppressive summer temperatures and then heavy rain had Mirko Slomka in the duel of two relegated and promotion aspirants suffered a deserved defeat in the comeback as a 96-coach. The Lower Saxony also lost Matthias Ostrzolek after a yellow-red card (64.). At VfB own scorer had Awoudja also with yellow-red from the square (85.).

The game to read

22:28: Final! VfB Stuttgart win the start of the 2nd Bundesliga furiously against Hannover 96 with 2: 1.

90th minute: They now keep the ball, beat it far away from their own goal and even come to conclusions. Ascacibar and Gomez fail but with the preliminary decision.

90th minute: Stuttgart has to tremble for four minutes!

88th minute: Last change of the hosts. Mangala replaces Castro.

87th minute: Didavi earns his first yellow card sooner.

85th Minute: dismissal for Stuttgart! Maxime Awoudja will want to forget this evening very quickly. After his own goal, the debutant sees the yellow-red card. However, a hard decision.

81st minute: Gomez has the lid on the F .., upside down! An exemplary cross from Didavi heads the former international into the far corner, but there dives Zieler and defused the chance.

77th minute: With Julian Korb comes a defensive player for Maina.

75th minute: The VfB plays on the third goal. They use the overpower game and let the opponent run after them.

72nd minute: After that it gets wild in the 96-penalty area. Gomez and Didavi play a clever double pass, but the latter does not get into a perfect shooting position. He is blocked, then the ball rolls to Ascacibar in front of the goal, which puts him past Zieler, but also at the gate and then falls over the keeper. Brych finally whistles, hand-held at Didavi.

72nd minute: Klement brings in equally well, strong shot from the new man at the Stuttgart, the Zieler but can fend off the side.

71st minute: Both coaches change. Slomka brings with Albornoz a regular left-back for Prib. At VfB, Klement replaces Al Ghaddioui.

67th minute: It remains colorful. Karazor, too, sees the yellow card in an intense game.

64th minute: Slomka now has to change, Prib sends to the left-back position.

63 minutes: dismissal for Hannover 96! Ostrzolek sees his second yellow card, which means a total of red. But he deserves it with a hard foul on Ascacibar.

62nd minute: The next great attack of VfB! Didavi finds on the edge of the box Gomez, who involuntarily but skillfully forwards on Ascacibar. His shot is too out of place and can parry Zieler. There was more in it.

61st minute: First change at the Lower Saxony: With Ducksch comes an offensive man for Haraguchi.

60th minute: The great game from the first half, it is currently no longer. The heavy rain makes a fluid game almost impossible on both sides.

54th minute: Great chance for Stuttgart! Counter on the left side, where Gomez started. He is looking for Al Ghaddioui in the center, but he is blocked from close range and fails.

52nd minute: Awoudja delivers so far an unfortunate debut. After a foul against Weydandt, the defender sees the warning.

50th minute: The first few minutes belong to the Swabians, but without becoming dangerous.

47th minute: Within seconds, all players are soaking wet. The ball is now fast, dangerous for the keeper!

46 minutes: The ball rolls again! No change to the break.

21:37: Now the players come to the field. There will be a strong cooling down for her. Even hailstones fall from the sky.

21:36: The teams remain once in the cabin. The second half will be kicked off late.

21:35: While it started to drizzle slightly towards the end of the halftime, it is now raining heavily. It could be a very different football match in the second 45 minutes.

21:25: That's a Bundesliga prelude to measure! Hannover 96 starts strong in Stuttgart, but missed an early lead. Then the hosts wake up suddenly and play first-class football. Gomez and Didavi get a quick 2-0 lead. But a bitter slapstick own goal of young debutant Maxime Awoudja brings back 96. It can go on like this!

21:21: Halftime in Stuttgart!

45th minute: In added time Ascacibar and Ostrzolek get the yellow card.

43 minutes: From nowhere 96 is back and Weydandt has the next chance. Kobel defuses in follow up.

40th minute: A professional career can not start worse. It was the youngster's first ball contact.

39 minutes: GOOO! And suddenly the ball is in the box of the home side. But what was that strange own goal? The newly-arrived substitute Awoudja tries to run a long ball in the penalty area against Weydandt. Kobel also comes out, but at that moment the VfB defender spits the leather unhappy past his keeper .. into his own goal.

36th Minute: GOOO! Didavi puts a free kick in the corner. But Zieler does not look good. So be it, the VfB goes down!

35th minute: Tim Walter is forced to make his first move. For Kaminski it does not continue after a clash with his own keeper, Awoudja may celebrate his professional debut.

32nd minute: With still 31 degrees in Stuttgart Brych sends the teams to a drinking break.

31 minutes: And the gate to the Swabians had easily hinted after half an hour. The home side were getting better and laced the guests more and more in the back.

29th Minute: TOOOOOR! Sosa serves the leather perfectly at the second post, where Mario Gomez stands right and hits from close range to the lead. This is the first hit of the new season!

27 minutes: That's where Zieler has to go! The VfB can make the game fast and Al Ghaddioui holds it at full speed. The 96-Schussmann scratching the ball but from the corner.

24th minute: Again Maina plays a good ball into the penalty area, this time on Weydandt. But he has problems with the take and his shot is eventually blocked.

20 minutes: Ascacibar crosses the edge of the box where Karazor passes the ball with great risk to Al Ghaddioui. His shot goes just past, but is whistled back anyway. Brych rightly decides on offensive foul.

16th minute: After a quarter of an hour, we see a balanced game, the home team has also found.

14th minute: Oh goodness ... Gomez tries as a god of the flank, but chases the ball high in the Olympus.

13 minutes: The next free kick from Didavi misses friend and foe.

12th minute: Anton sees the first yellow card of the season. He earned it, comes much too late against Ascacibar.

10 minutes: Now VfB is awake! Didavi moves from the right to the center and just stops, but the ball turns slightly away from the goal.

7th minute: The first few minutes belong to the men in green. VfB are still struggling to build up the game in the first second division minutes.

5th minute: Side netting! No bad attempt by the Hanoverian, but just over.

4th minute: Hannover gets an excellent free kick position after a foul by Castro - ideal for left foot Prib!

2nd minute: And there we have the first big chance! Maina deftly moves the game to the right, where Prib enters the area and fails at an acute angle to Kobel.

1 minute: The ball rolls!

20:27: Finally again Bundesliga! In a few minutes it starts, in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, everything is prepared.

8:08 pm: Dr. Felix Brych takes over the game management. For him a special, because this season also starts in the lower house of video evidence.

20:06: Marc Oliver Kempf leads the home team as captain on the field. The 24-year-old takes over the office from the departed Christian Gentner.

20:05: The last meeting in the Bundesliga won the VfB clearly with 5: 1.

20:03: The guests start under new and old coach Mirko Slomka with three summer entrances. The former Stuttgart goalkeeper in goal, Franke in the defense center and Jung on the defensive outer line.

8 pm: VfB Stuttgart starts the new season with five new entries. Kobel, Kaminski, Stenzel, Karazor and Al Ghaddioui came to Swabia in summer. Also, because coach Tim Walter has some players not available, such as Akolo, Donis or Gonazalez.

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Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. With the duel of the relegated between VfB Stuttgart and Hannover 96 starts on Friday evening (20.30 clock), the new season of the 2nd Bundesliga.

At least 50,000 spectators are expected at the season opening match in the Stuttgart Arena. It is an open question how a majority of them will welcome goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler, who has returned to Hanover from VfB in their old homeland. In addition to the former world champion VfB professionals Mario Gomez and Gonzalo Castro could be used as another former national player. The direct return to the Bundesliga is the clear goal of the Swabians, Hannover was in this regard a little more restrained.

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