News : 2. Bundesliga: VfL Osnabrück leaves SV Darmstadt no chance

News :

2. Bundesliga: VfL Osnabrück leaves SV Darmstadt no chance

In the Monday match of the second division of the VfL Osnabrück has brought the second consecutive victory. The home game against SV Darmstadt ended 4: 0 (1: 0) for the VfL. As a result, newcomer Osnabrück are third in the table after three games, while the Darmstadt team are in 14th place.

A cross from Kevin Wolze ushered in the Osnabrück lead, albeit by detours: first came Marc Heider in the penalty area for the header, which would not have hit the goal. The ball flew to the far post where Etienne Amenyido scored in the sprint (16th minute). When he hit the 21-year-old bounced against the post and had to be treated briefly. He could continue to play.

VfL keeper Nils-Jonathan Körber prevented the equalizer with a strong save as Immanuel Höhn headed home from a free kick (31 '). It was the only chance of scoring the guests in the first round. Shortly after the start of the second half Wolze increased to submission of Heider to 2: 0 (51.). Anas Ouahim scored the ball from the back of the net on 72 minutes before substituting for Marcos Álvarez, who scored the 4-0 (79 ').

VfL Osnabrück - SV Darmstadt 4: 0 (1: 0)
1: 0 Amenyido (15th)
2: 0 Wolze (51.)
3: 0 Ouahim (72.)
4: 0 Álvarez (79.)
Osnabrück: Körber - Heyer, Gugganig, Aken - Agu, Taffertshofer, Blacha (87th Kohler), Wolze - Amenyido (88th Farrona - Pulido), Heider, Ouahim (75th Álvarez)
Darmstadt: Stritzel - Egbo, Dumic, Höhn, Holland - Stark (61. Schnellhardt), Pálsson - Heller, Mehlem (87th Kempe), Skarke - Dursun (46th Wittek)
Yellow cards: Ouahim, Kühn / Mehlem, Dumic, Egbo, Pálsson
Referee: Ittrich
Spectator: 14101

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