News : 2019 Women's World Cup: Off for Scotland, Argentina may hope

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2019 Women's World Cup: Off for Scotland, Argentina may hope

Scotland and Argentina have separated to complete Group D 3: 3 (1: 0). The Scottish goals were achieved by Kim Little (19th minute), Jenny Beattie (49.) and Erin Cuthbert (69.). Milagros Menéndez (74th) and Florencia Bonsegundo (79th and 90th + 4) met for Argentina.

The starting point before the match was clear: Scotland needed a win to continue hoping for the knockout stages and Argentina had only a minichance on the advancement in a draw. In a threesome, the South Americans would certainly have been further.

The Scottish women started offensively accordingly. Coach Shelley Kerr, among other things, the goalkeeper from the England game, Claire Emslie, put in the starting eleven. Argentina became more courageous after a hesitant start and kept the enemy busy with situational pressing in their own half.

The first chance of the match was then also Argentina: Marian Larroquette hit the crossbar with his head, Sole Jaimes of Olympique Lyon failed in the margin to Scotland goalkeeper Lee Alexander (17th minute). Scotland scored in the near future as Cuthbert conceded the ball in the penalty area and tested Vanina Correa with a shot from the left. The forward-facing ball landed again at Cuthbert, who fitted in the middle to Little - the 28-year-old from Arsenal completed from close range (19 minutes). At the same time that was the last excitement in an intensive first half.

After the restart, Argentina had to come - but Scotland met. A corner from Caroline Weir seemed already cleared, but over Little the ball came back on the right wing. Weir looked for and found the run in the middle Jenny Beattie, whose header Correa no defensive chance left (49.). A header also prepared the 3: 0: Leanne Crichton's attempt was steered by Correa still on the post, the margin changed the superior Cuthbert to 3-0 (69.).

Alright? Not at all. Only Milagros Menéndez (74.) scored with a shot from half-left position to 3: 1, then pulled off Florencia Bonsegundo just once. The ball bounced off the crossbar against the Scottish goalkeeper Alexander and from the gate (79.). Moments before the final whistle then great excitement: After watching the video for several minutes, referee Ri Hyang-Ok decided on penalty. Bonsegundo missed - but because Alexander had left the line, the penalty was repeated. Now the Argentinian met (90. + 4).

The South Americans have now with two points on contactor in the groups E and F hope to reach the knockout stages. For example, they need a draw at Cameroon - New Zealand (Thursday, 6 pm) and Chile - Thailand (Thursday, 9 pm, both games in the live ticker at SPIEGEL ONLINE) in order to get ahead.

Scotland 3: 3 (1: 0)
1: 0 Little (19.)
2: 0 Beattie (49.)
3: 0 Cuthbert (69.)
3: 1 Menéndez (74.)
3: 2 Bonsegundo (78.)
3: 3 Bonsegundo (90. + 4, penalty kick)
Scotland: Alexander - Smith (86th Howard), Corsie, Beattie, Docherty - Little, Crichton, Weir - Evans (86th Brown), Cuthbert, Emslie
Argentina: Correa - Bravo, Barroso, Cometti, Stable - Larroquette, Santana (82nd Mayorga), Benítez, Bonsegundo - Banini (60th Menéndez), Sole Jaimes (70th Ippolito)
Referee: Ri Hyang-Ok (North Korea)
Yellow cards: Cuthbert, Weir, Alexander / Larroquette

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