News : 2,200 meters high and a shoot of 25k at 3: 08 / km

News :

2,200 meters high and a shoot of 25k at 3: 08 / km

Julien Wanders, in an image training in Eldoret

Nicknamed the ‘Keniata Blanco’, residing and more than integrated in the Rift Valley, Julien Wanders is one of the best European runners of the moment and continues to work to be among the TOP. The Swiss decided to go to Iten five years ago to learn from the Kenyan school.. Since then, he has spent most of his time in the mecca of world long-distance athletics and has achieved a steady sporting progression which has led him this year to achieve Europe's record for half marathon (59min 13s) and the world record for 5km en route (13min 29sec).

Closed training camps

The confinement and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have brought about a change in the routine of Wanders, who, like most elite athletes who train in Eldoret's 'training camps', had to train more individually, far from the great grottos that are seen in those parts raising dust and running at devilish rhythms.

“I think that, together with my coach, we always seek to introduce new stimuli in training that make my body respond and, therefore, not always do the same. I have also progressed because I am young, and it is normal, I am only 23 years old. Nor I know if I can improve so much in the next three years, it is difficult to continue improving one minute a year in half marathonBut I do think I can go very far… I don't know how much ”, Julien himself commented to our colleague Alberto Trillo in an interview conducted on the same ground where the Swiss trains and resides.

It shows that it is fine ... and preparing something not too far away

If Wanders' fitness was a mystery right now (just like that of most elite Kenyan athletes, who recently learned that in principle they will be able to take international flights from August 1 to attend competitions), the truth is true. is that One of the last activities that he has uploaded to Strava indicates that he is fine and on the right track. Very delicate. The Helvetian, whose partner hails from Iten (to give us an idea of ​​how integrated he is in the region and in the country), has posted a 25-kilometer long run that he completed in 1:18:29 ”. In other words, at a rate of 3: 08 / km. Everything, at a height of 2,200 meters, with the added difficulty that this implies.

At an average of 170 beats per minute, Wanders goes from less to more: it begins with rhythms closer to 3:10 and 3:15 (its worst partials are at kilometers 9 and 10, at 3: 15 / km) and ends the last four kilometers at 3:03, 3:03, 3:02 and 3:01. In a message about the ‘long run’ on Instagram, Julien comments that “my colleagues and I like to do long progressive runs. Normally we start at 3:20 and finish at a rate of about 3:00 / km or even faster until the end. It is always enjoyed with a training group capable of achieving these rhythms and registers. ”

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