News : 24 hours at home of elite athletics

News :

24 hours at home of elite athletics 

Arturo Martín, the coach of a group where there are two athletes classified for the Olympic Games (Fernando Carro and Adrián Ben), who cannot go out to run either, defends that “in these 15 days Arturo Martín is at home.

Arturo Martín has washed his hands no less than 20 times today. The last time as soon as you got up from throwing the garbage.

Arturo Martín is the coach of a large training group, among which there are two athletes who are already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Fernando Carro and Adrián Ben.

And that is the Arturo Martín with whom I intend to speak this time. The coach of elite athletes who, since the Alarm Status was approved, can no longer go outside to run.

Not even to inflate the lungs to the Casa de Campo, to let off steam.

So I don't know the man I'm going to meet this time. But I find a man who, at most, is worried, "because everyone has to worry about their work." Beyond that, he won't waste energy complaining and I won't hear him say at any time what bad luck he or his training group has had.

"We have to put things in context and in this situation, we are living, there are more important things than athletics. It would not be fair for us to start to dramatize or say ‘how unfortunate we are’, because there are people who are having a worse time than us, such as restrooms or supermarket employees who are risking their health for us…. ”

Then, qualify:

"It doesn't seem fair to me that I come here to tell about my problems."

-I called him.

-But there are things that are above sports: you can say what happens to my group is a shame, but what happens to society is a tragedy. You don't know when this is going to end. You don't know how we will be next week. I think we cannot be selfish, that we should not…, but neither I nor anyone else. After all, we are at home. There are others who are risking their health.

Arturo Martín is a man I met in the summer in one of his happiest moments. Then he put peace to the success of Fernando Carro who had just beaten Spain's record of 3,000 obstacles in the Diamond de Monaco.

Today, I find a man who, accustomed to working outdoors, has been at home all day and who has still taken 5,000 steps, according to his GPS. "You cannot stay without doing anything," he reasons.

Not even in the Alarm State "where it is more important if it is not to deteriorate mentally," he reasons. “That is why we have to create routines: I have created them even with my children, who are young, and, of course, I have imposed them on my athletes, whether by phone or Whattsap and who asked me, 'Mister, What do we do? ', I have made it clear, ‘We can't run but we haven't run out of alternatives. '”

It is the best.

"Yes, what you say is true," he approves. “I have also seen him on Twitter: an amateur athlete who has trained in his garage at home and I have thought that if he likes it and does not bother others… why is he going to be wrong? Who says this is wrong? You have to create your own routines in such a situation. "

Arturo Martín has already bought a roller that he will receive in a few days and when he has it, “the bicycle in the storage room” will go up and get to work. "The important thing is not to abandon yourself."

In the meantime, Let's keep talking.

-Don't worry, mister, you'll see how we can get it done -one of his athletes wrote to him today: the name is the least of it.

"You are right," he replied that now, in the solitude of a room, he explains himself to an open grave:

-Of course I need their support as they need mine.

We talk about life.

“You come across everything: athletes who want to cry; others who want to hug you and can't. But I try to make them aware that this is going to be as hard as you want it to be. There is no more history. If you add to the physical load the mental one, if you think that you are going to pay for it when you run again, then it will be hard. But if you interpret it as one more situation that has happened in life that I'm going to recover from, it doesn't have to upset you. ”

"And if it were only 15 days," he reasons later. "I would sign it right now, but I wish I could see it so clearly ..."

-And it is not the case.

-No, this is not the case.

- And this would be a sentence that would prevent athletes from reaching the Olympics in the event that they are held?

-Do not. It doesn't have to. There is no reason to lose hope. We continue with the same planning and I do accept that the case of Fernando Carro or Adrián Ben, who are already classified for the Olympic Games, is not the same as that of athletes who have to score or do the minimum… But given what has happened. In the past it could also be that the IAAF relaxed the rules….

Arturo Martín has recommended to all his athletes these days: "If you don't have a roller or an elliptical bike, buy it or find a way to access it: we need it to lose as little as possible."

“We have to look for anything that is worth us. We have to find life in some way. Who else, who least of us is used to doing it. We have to do it ”, he insists.

Perhaps it is the main virtue that this talk leaves us today with a man who today also said to Fernando Carro:

-Patience, imagination and empathy. We have no other choice, Fernando.

The rest of the day he threw it on with his latex gloves when he went downstairs to buy the bread; watching a movie with your children; doing some gymnastic tables with them and imagining that “someday this will be a bad dream” and dreaming of the day that he can “see his athletes run again”, “something that seemed so routine and yet… Saturday We were going to stay at Casa de Campo and we couldn't anymore. ”

While he returns that day, it is about accepting what there is, "not creating more dramas than we already have" and always remembering that "there are great things in society like last night when I went out with my whole family to the balcony to applaud the work of the toilets that excite you and invite you to continue believing. "

"If society can athletes we can also", explains Arturo Martín the last time it occurs to me to ask about the Olympics.

Then he said goodbye. And, if only to vent, he sat in front of the computer screen, where he recalled that the planning of his athletes has not changed anything. The future still has the same wishes and, unlike what Sabina sings, it is still early to think about what has been stolen from us in April.

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