News : 3-2 in Augsburg: Cologne raid command – sport

News : 3-2 in Augsburg: Cologne raid command – sport

Before Friedhelm Funkel spoke quickly about the previous game and even sprinkled a small motivational speech for FC Augsburg, which was now also in danger of relegation, the coach of 1. FC Köln apologized. Unfortunately, he couldn’t answer any questions because time was of the essence, he said, “we have to go to the airport immediately. Otherwise we won’t be able to take off.”

Funkel followed up a few sentences about the 3-2 (3-0) victory of his team and their “outstanding first half” in Augsburg before sending the FCA best wishes for the coming weeks in the relegation battle. “Thank you. Bye,” said Twinkle at the end. He waved goodbye, jumped up and disappeared into Friday night.

Funkel’s escape-like departure was a fitting conclusion to the image of an evening that the Cologne-based company had opened in the style of a raid squad that has no more time to lose, but easily transforms the stressful situation into its struggle for existence. In any case, an astonishing lecture by the Cologne team, full of playful elegance, could be admired in the first half, which almost looked like one of those exaggerations that the Effzeh fans are said to be in their quickly emerging euphoria.

The combinations, the well-coordinated structure in the game and above all the “fantastic goals” (twinkle) by Ondrej Duda (8th and 33rd minute) and Florian Kainz (23rd) looked as if Cologne were competing in Europa League, at least. In fact, however, this remarkable first half only enabled the almost vital victory in the relegation battle including the jump to relegation place 16.

In addition, at least for the time being, the connection to the lower midfield of the table was established, so Cologne’s hope of a direct rescue before the three remaining games against Freiburg, Hertha BSC and Schalke appears to be justified.

“Cologne is definitely alive”, said the goalscorer Kainz at DAZN after the second win in the third game under Funkel. The coach confirmed the impression of Cologne’s new vitality, but stopped immediately. “We haven’t achieved anything yet. We have 29 points, which are not enough to stay in the Bundesliga,” he reminded as a precaution, “we have to keep going.”

The fact that euphoric thoughts prohibit themselves despite the victories against Leipzig (2: 1) and now in Augsburg was proven by the second half, in which Cologne had almost exclusively defended and even a rescue header from Ellyes Skhiri on the line (72nd) and something Had to use luck in order not to collect the compensation. Substitute Robert Gumny (54th) and Ruben Vargas (62nd) had previously met for Augsburg.

And part of the truth of Cologne’s happiness was that the FCA team appeared extremely desolate in the first half. Duda, who was involved in all the goals, was not disturbed by his pretty volley from 17 meters into the corner to make it 1-0, as was Kainz and Duda later in the penalty area at 0-2 and 0-3.

Sparkle looked after his team that they had faltered again in the second half. He referred to the dwindling strength in the third game in seven days, “the players really went to their limits”. And with almost grandfather’s leniency, he found that after a 3-2 win in Augsburg you could “overlook one thing or the other”.

Later, during his hastily presented assessments at the video conference, Funkel even included FC Augsburg in his rescue mission. He was convinced that the FCA with performances like in the second half will create “one or the other victory” and thus achieve the transfer, said Funkel.

And anyway, it is his wish that Cologne and Augsburg meet again in the Bundesliga in the coming season. “Heiko and I won’t see each other again because I’m not there anymore,” added Funkel. The 67-year-old’s rescue mission was limited to the last six games of the season from the start.

Whether Augsburg coach Herrlich will lead the team in the remaining three games in Stuttgart, against Bremen and at Bayern is very questionable. In any case, this time manager Stefan Reuter avoided a commitment to the football teacher whom he had always supported despite many disappointing games. “I appreciate Heiko incredibly, but please allow me to take the weekend now,” said Reuter and added: “It is well advised to let something like that sink in, sleep over it for a night and then sit down and think about it how we approach the last three games. “

In any case, the first half was “terrifying”. Herrlich had previously complained about a “disastrous duel quota” and wondered how this defenselessness could come about. Cologne had benefited from it, and if you will, even their weaker second half had a message in store that was not so nice to look at, but created more hope: You can not only play nicely, but also fight.

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