News : 3 World Records in the Yamaguchi Half Marathon Nationals!

News :

3 World Records in the Yamaguchi Half Marathon Nationals!

Kiyoshi Koga, second in the Yamaguchi Half Marathon

Lately it seems that practically all the important tests in Japan happen. And very fat. The level of Japanese athletes is superlative and, according to the results and its evolution, it does not stop growing until almost unimaginable levels. We can already say that they are the most regular in the world and that it is the country where there are a greater number of brokers that accredit large brands. This can only respond to their eagerness to improve, their tremendous discipline and their ability to train (obviously the result of their passion for this sport).

A complete madness in Yamaguchi

The last madness (and one of the fattest without a doubt) comes from the National Half Marathon Corporate Championships played in the town of Yokohama. Jiemus Rungaru won with a good mark of 1h27 ″, but it is not in that chrono the most striking (there have been dozens of better brands in the distance without a doubt), but in the string of World Records that broke. And we can say without acrimony that it is the fastest marathon half that is remembered. As indicated in his Twitter account Joaquín Carmona, For the first time in history, 46 athletes descended from the 62 ′ barrier; in addition, 71 did it of the one of 63 ′ and the whopping of 86 of 64 ′.

Numbers without a doubt for reflection and to take into account. Flagging the Japanese is our beloved "janitor-athlete", Yuki Kawauchi, who has broken all the molds finishing all the marathons in which he has participated and with a historic and epic victory in Boston a short time ago.

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