News : 31 'on 10km sleeping 4 hours a day

News :

31 'on 10km sleeping 4 hours a day 

History of Javier Peluto, a 50-year-old man who, working 15 hours a day and training 90 kilometers a week, has just broken Spain's record M50 in 10k with a stratospheric brand: 31’28 ”

-If there is any treatment in any country, there you go.

José Luis Capitán began to show dangerous signs of a disease that is already diagnosed today: ALS. And he, Javier Peluto, the man I'm going to write today, the owner of a restaurant on O'Donnell street in Madrid, a worker from head to toe, He did not turn to José Luis to say "I'm sorry", but to find something more valuable: his help.

"If there is any treatment in any country there you go," he said.

I did not listen to him but the one who told me offers me the same confidence as if I had heard it myself: Sergio Fernandez Infestas. The man who last Sunday Javier Peluto took away the record of Spain M-50 in 10k in Valencia.

The dethroned king.

However, Sergio did not fit in joy. He was just calling his people. And he did nothing but tell the virtues of Javier Peluto who had just achieved a prodigious mark for his age:

31’28 ”.

A brand that does not consent to anyone's indifference. Hence the tweet, which occurred to me to write about the feat that afternoon, was above 25,000 impressions. He ran like gunpowder and people wondered who that man is, who Javier Peluto is.

"I didn't know he ran so much," wrote a living athletic legend like Jesus Spain.

"I see him very often training at INEF," Antonio Serrano reminded me.

Today I can't explain who Javier Peluto is, because I don't know him. But, from that anecdote that Infestas related, I think that man has won me for the cause.

The anecdote not only made my hair stand on end. It also made me think that The athlete is fine but the person must be better.

And this week I have seen that Peluto has not boasted of his brand even in a single line in social networks.

A silence that can be explained through what Miguel del Pozo told me yesterday, which is another one of those very few Spanish citizens capable of running 10 km in 31 minutes, at 3'08 ″ / km.

-Sometimes, I find out that Peluto has signed up for a career and I don't see him. And then I call him to see what happened and he tells me that he couldn't, that the job hasn't let him go, ”Miguel explains.

Javier Peluto, in fact, works in a restaurant on O'Donnell Street where 400 breakfasts can be served in one morning.

Javier is the owner but he behaves like an employee.

The time machine accustomed him to days of 12 or 14 daily or to sleep four or five hours.

But that's the life of a man who always fought her hard.

He worked as a wholesaler in Mercamadrid. At three in the morning standing.

He traveled then to Ivory Coast, too much responsibility until the day he decided to change or risk.

Who knows.

And he opened the restaurant on O'Donell Street. And today it makes us think what life would be like if we did not have the courage to try something new. And you can do well as Javier Peluto is doing now and not, therefore, it is necessary to lose the values.

As I write, I do not separate from that anecdote of José Luis Capitán with which it occurred to me to start this text.

“But it's not easy to find people like Peluto in this world. It won me forever a few months after meeting him, ”explains Sergio Fernández Infestas, a man who runs gives him his life. In fact, his great friendships are in this territory and one of the most loved is Javier Peluto, who is a man who started running late.

The just two kilometers that separated his house from Vicente Calderón.

He was almost 40 years old and it seemed crazy: so much distance.

However, today we are counting this record of Spain of 10k qHe just beat with 50 years and 6 months.

TO less than a minute of the world record and an inch from the impossible.

Peluto is the same man who came to work 21 hours this Christmas in a job that involves a lot of standing time, which does not always grant him the desire to train at the same time.

At 64, Sergio remembers when he was his age and made this record for Spain: 31’42 ”. I worked in the public service. He led a life at heart. I did not forgive a nap. It was not lower than 150 km per week.

It was another story.

It has nothing to do now with what Javier Peluto has done, That does not exceed 90km in six days.

His coach Luis del Aguila has convinced him that there is nothing as cruel as getting tired to the starting line.

And all that conveys the positive energy we need to start the day.

And it shows us that you don't have to ask for help when you're sure of what you are doing.

And, in the end, that is the idea of ​​this whole story that on Sunday ended in a record in Spain.

The next day, It changed everything and nothing changed.

The restaurant reopened at the same time.

The cold of winter, at six in the morning.

His honey toast with oil with which he starts the day.

The chronicle, in fact, was similar to that of the day before making the record. But within his body lived a satisfaction that is not known how to measure it.

It is the value of these anonymous feats.

They allow us to meet people we don't know. I have realized that the journalism that I do is almost always like that. It's a minority journalism but I hope it's worth it. He usually shows us the best of people. Maybe that's why this week I see myself writing Javier Peluto: I'm finishing.

And, yes, still impressed by his brand and, above all, for that day in which he pushed aside José Luis Capitán, looked him in the eye and said:

-If there is any treatment in any country ..., there you go, José.

But, precisely, that is the only shame this story leaves us.

No, for now there isn't. There is no such treatment.

But, in return, we continue to meet amazing people who show us that good people also abound in life.

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