News : 3:33 running alone and 20 ‘later an 800 in 1:54

News : 3:33 running alone and 20 ‘later an 800 in 1:54

Jakob won the 1,500 by far at the Norwegian Nationals / BildByran

We’re almost getting tired of singing Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s hits and brands. He is not yet 20 years old, but week after week he surpasses himself and, in addition, It does it in the distance that they throw: 800, 1,500, 3,000, 5,000, 10k. This boy who trains with his father along with his two brothers in his native Norway is perpetrating a real outrage. It has an amazing facility and promises to soon reach world records because it is growing out of control. This time he has dazzled at the Norwegian National Championships, where had enrolled in 1,500 and 800 (As Esther Guerrero did last week for example at the Spanish Nationals and ended up winning in both finals).

A brutal summer

The youngest of the Ingebrigtsen brothers has participated first in the 1,500 final, his specialty (we could say) and a distance in which he recently achieved his personal best in a race to remember in Monaco with Kenyan Cheruiyot. There Jakob also achieved the European Record with a record of 3.28.68. A test in which he obviously flew thanks to the duel against the Kenyan, with his brother Filip also shooting or the British Wightman (3.29.47). A test in which, by the way, Jesús Gómez also achieved a personal mark (3.33.07). In the ‘milqui’ of the Norwegian Championship he has shot only from the first meter and has managed to stop the clock at 3.33.93. No hares. Without rivals to ‘push’ him.

Two days after Rome

But it is that 20 minutes later he has participated in his semi-final series of the 800 and has achieved a mark of 1:54. He has a personal best in the distance of 1.46.44. Let us also not forget that participated just two days ago in the 3,000 test of the Diamond League in Rome, where he achieved his best time ever, stopping the clock at 7.27.05 (national record). Tomorrow she will play the final of the two laps. Words are running out …

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