News : 358 days a year training and 170km per week (6,000 a year)

News : 358 days a year training and 170km per week (6,000 a year)

Gesa Krause, celebrating her 2018 European Championship / EFE

Overtraining can lead to dire consequences. Obviously, professional athletes are physically and mentally prepared to face very tough sessions, two a day for seven days in a row. It is ‘normal’ for a top-level athlete to rest two or three days only a month. Obviously it also depends on what phase of the season they are in, if they compete in a short time frame, if they are in the season of greatest volume in the case of marathoners, of the type of athlete they are.

The madness of a world star like Krause

In any case, the story that has ‘made public’ the athletic expert Óscar Fernández (@gabyandersen). It is about the award-winning German athlete Gesa Felicitas Krause, national record holder of 3,000 obstacles, double European champion in 2016 and 2018 and world bronze in Doha’19 and Beijing’15.

To Kenya for the 20th time

Krause, who suffered an injury during the German Nationals in August, has given an interview in which he talks about the atrocity of training that he has gotten to do in the last year. “I have been training in the altitude of Kenya 19 times and I have said to myself: Never again! Kenya is the hardest, 2,400 meters above sea level, where you have significant breathing difficulties when running fast. They can’t do anything but run. And sleep. Now in November I will go for the 20th time. But I want the best preparation for Tokyo, whatever the cost ”.

In addition, in the same interview, he assures that he trained 358 consecutive days without rest, he reached 170 km per week, 6000 km in a year. A real madness. But it has undoubtedly given and is giving results.

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