News : 40,000 signatures to go to the Games after “exchanging his urine”

News : 40,000 signatures to go to the Games after “exchanging his urine”

Schwarzer wants to be in the Tokyo Games / EFE

The history of walker Alex Schwarzer It looks like something out of a script crafted by the most twisted of directors. A story with Olympic gold medals, doping suspensions, exchange of urine samples, collection of signatures, intervention of Parliament …

Schwarzer, Italian despite his surname of Germanic origin, He was Olympic champion in Beijing ’08 at the age of 24 of the 50 kilometer march. He did it with a time of 3:37:09, confirming that he was in a position to mark an era in long-distance walking. Alex could not compete in London’12 because of a doping sanction by testing positive for growth hormone and EPO.

He was not in Rio either

He also missed the Olympic event in Rio de Janeiro’16 after the controversial control to which he was subjected on January 1, 2016. Two lost Olympic cycles that augured a hasty end to a career that was projected to be brilliant and that went to hell. Alex was acquitted last February for the alleged doping offense in 2016, as the Bolzano court found that the urine samples had been altered to test positive.

40,000 signatures

It is the case that the Italian Parliament has recently voted to help Schwarzer to compete in the Tokyo Games and have the sanction in force until 2024 withdrawn. For its part, the television program Le Iene has already accumulated 40,000 signatures in an online initiative in favor of lifting the sanction and competing on Japanese soil.

At 36 years old it would be a way to close a circle that has been blurring. In addition, it will be the last 50km Olympic race before it disappears for Paris 2024.

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