News : 47km during 17 stages to complete the Camino de Santiago

News : 47km during 17 stages to complete the Camino de Santiago

Sergio Chinchilla, upon arrival at the Plaza del Obradoiro, in Santiago de Compostela

Tremendous merit what the Spanish Sergio Chinchilla has achieved. Complete the Camino de Santiago de Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela in 17 stages. At the rate of 47 kilometers per day, this 43-year-old pilgrim, ultra-runner, has reduced the usual 31 stages (20 or 25km per day) to 17, a real outrage. A challenge that started on May 11 and ended last Thursday, when he made his triumphal entrance to the Cathedral of Santiago. His story is curious, since didn’t start running seriously until 2016 and he is a referee.

Doubts and anecdotes

“I have had many doubts, I have had a great time, I have laughed, I have enjoyed, but I have also suffered,” he admits. In fact, on Wednesday’s stage he was about to drop out: “I didn’t expect it to be so hard and I took it too long, because I did almost 60 kilometers. I saw that I couldn’t and I thought about leaving everything ”, Sergio comments to ‘Nius Diario’. Thanks to a last titanic stage of 52 kilometers (he had come from doing 750), Chinchilla received the warmth of its people in the Galician capital.

“I had started a stage with a cyclist and he passed me. When I got to the entrance of Ponferrada there were more than 30 people who had gathered because he had told them what he was doing. They made me a corridor and applauded me. It was incredible, ”says Sergio, recalling anecdotes lived throughout these more than two weeks.

Chinchilla did not finish his career in Santiago, but in Fisterra. He still extended his journey two more stages until he reached almost 1,000 kilometers.

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