News : 50 kilometers in 2:59:54 … at 3:35 / km!

News : 50 kilometers in 2:59:54 … at 3:35 / km!

Linden, at the time of crossing the finish line

Spectacular what the American Des Linden has achieved. In one of these challenges that have become so fashionable during the pandemic, the American marathoner. Lor did it also in the middle of an aura of secrecy, since until a few hours before the scene was not reported to avoid agglomerations in this delicate context. For the first time in his career, he competed over the 42 kilometers of the marathon, a distance in which Linden has managed to win the mythical Boston Marathon or obtain an Olympic diploma in Rio.

He far surpassed Aly Dixon

At 37, Linden, in the absence of competition, set himself this challenge for which he knew he had to train very hard. In fact, in this preparation some month it has come to touch the 500 kilometers. Des had to lower the 3 hours, seven minutes and 20 seconds than the British ultrarunner Aly Dixon achieved on September 1, 2019. He averaged 3:35 / km to pulverize Dixon’s mark and set a new world record of 2:59:54. Brutal.

The last five miles, the worst part

He reached the half marathon in 1:15:47 and the marathon in 2:31:13. “The last 8 kilometers were tough, but I knew we had the time,” he told ‘Runner’s World’ after the test. “I was thinking ‘I have to break the three hours or I will have to do this again soon,” added Linden, knowing that in these times any day someone can take that honor away from her. Des had Charlie Lawrence as a hare and used the Hyperion Elite model from Brooks, the brand that sponsors it.

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