News : 55 / km or 6×5.000 in 14’30 “

News : 55 / km or 6×5.000 in 14’30 ”

Seko, one of the best marathoners in the history of Japan

The extreme and most ‘extravagant’ training sessions that Kilian Jornet is carrying out (without going any further than the one that has led him to travel more than 80 kilometers on the track where he usually trains in Norway and to ‘throw’ him more than six consecutive hours ) have led us to review some of the trainings and athletes that went down in history for their brutal sessions and that have taken their bodies to the limit.

One of them, one of the references when we relate the words history and athletics, is Emil Zatopek. We recently rescued a monthly plan from the Czech long-distance runner here on the Broker Stock Exchange, which simply left us all speechless.

The atrocity of Zatopek

It was a true wonder of nature that ended his career in 1958. A myth that forged its history based on military training (in fact, he rose to the rank of colonel in the Czechoslovak army). And it has come to light that ‘mesocycle’ of which we spoke previously, a month of preparation of the Czech athlete that simply removes the hiccups. These are 32 sessions of tremendous physical strength and demand. For example, you start day 1 with a 15 × 400 (affordable), but day 2 goes to 60 × 400! Among the sessions of the first fortnight, the one on day 5 (100 × 400), that of day 10 (40 × 400 very fast) or that of day 14 (5 kilometers in 14:04 ‘) stand out.

In the second fortnight there are several more atrocities (you can see all day by day in the attached tweet). Without going any further, on the 18th a 5 × 200 + 55 × 400 + 5 × 200 is ‘broken’, on the 21st a 5 × 200 + 70 × 400 + 5 × 200, on day 30 5 kilometers at 13:57 ′ and on 1 10 kilometers at 28:54 ′.

Seko, an ‘inhuman’ who only lived to train

Well, what we want to rescue now is the figure of another ‘inhuman’ like the Japanese was in his time Toshihiko Seko, another athlete who pushed his body to the limit and trained as if there were no tomorrow. And it is that training was really tomorrow, it was above everything for him. Trained by another ‘sick person’ such as Kiyoshi Nakamura, a wealthy Japanese coach who participated in the 1936 Olympic Games and who created a very tough training system in Japan and in which athletes practically lived with him. He came to have a payroll of more than 100 at his command.

Seko was the most gifted student. He was one of the great marathoners of the 80s. He prevailed in up to 10 major races, including majors such as London, Boston, Chicago or Boston. It is a myth in Japan, where it is still highly revered. Seko’s training bordered on the inhuman. That is why it is regarded as a modern Zatopek. There are two workouts in particular that leave one speechless. Seko I did 30x1km sessions at a pace of 2: 55 / km and others of 6x5km in 14’30 ” with one minute recoveries in between. No one could accuse Seko of not training enough to achieve his goals.

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