News : 59 in 10k in Norway

News : 59 in 10k in Norway

Jornet, during the test held in Norway

We really wanted to see Kilian Jornet race in an official road test. The Catalan, who has achieved all the records there have been and for having in the mountains, where he has managed to become a true legend and the best of all time, A year ago he announced that in 2020 he would make his debut in a flat race and has kept his word. All these months he has been preparing on the track (where he has performed spectacular training sessions that he has been sharing on social networks) for his premiere.

With the Ingebrigtsen brothers

It was speculated that perhaps it could be in the Valencia Marathon, but for now Jornet has given us this Saturday, October 17, 2020 with a 10k in Norway, the country where he resides together with his partner and daughter. The 10k Hytteplanmila is the fastest race in the Nordic country and among the participants were Filip and Jakob Ingebrigtsen, two of the three brothers of this saga so famous in the world of athletics.

Of more less

Jornet had commented in the preview that he would be happy after the test if he managed to be around 29:30. Finally he has not reached that mark and has stayed at 29:59, which is still spectacular considering the type of training he has done throughout his life. Jornet has set a pace of 3: 00 / km, something worse than what he had in mind, and he has remained 1’40 ”behind the winner of the test, the Norwegian Zerei Kbrom Mezngi (28:20). He has finished 18th out of a total of 63 participants.

Kilian has passed the kilometer five in 14:34, but in the second half of the test he has deflated a bit. He started at a pace of 2: 48 / km, but little by little he has been approaching 3: 00 / km (2:48, 2:58, 2:57, 3:02, 2:49, 2:58, 3:04, 3:09, 3:05 and 3:09). In any case, we were delighted to see him roll on the asphalt and we hope it was not just a sporadic foray …

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