News : 6 new startups: Econos, Leroma, Akira, onesome, wisemarkt and MusikDaheim

News : 6 new startups: Econos, Leroma, Akira, onesome, wisemarkt and MusikDaheim

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It’s time for new startups again! Here are some very young startups that everyone should know. Today we are introducing these startups: Econos, Leroma, Akira, onesome, wisemarkt and MusikDaheim.

6 new startups: Econos, Leroma, Akira, onesome, wisemarkt and MusikDaheim is once again presenting some young startups that were launched recently, i.e. in the past few weeks and months, as well as companies that have recently awakened from stealth fashion. By the way: There are even more new startups in our newsletter Startup radar.

With Econos, Arvantis Group leader Alexander Samwer is now focusing on investments in forests and meadows. The motto of the young platform is: “Forests are like gold that grows”. Econos promises: “Exclusive access to investments that are otherwise only reserved for large investors”.

Leroma is a “B2B platform for food raw materials”. In particular, it is about buying and selling surpluses. The startup, which was founded by Marina Billinger, writes about the concept: “We are building a digital bridge between raw material suppliers and raw material buyers!”

Akira is a digital yoga studio. The Berlin startup, which was founded by Alicia Becht-Panagiotides, relies in particular on “well-known influencers and yoga teachers with years of experience”. In addition to videos, there are live lessons. The start-up is financed through a subscription model.

The Munich startup onesome would like to help a lot of people with personal development. “On a journey through various questions and topics, users can self-organize and find their own self under guidance,” the startup announced.

The well-known and successful momox founder Christian Wegner founds a new re-commerce startup together with his two colleagues Gordon Eckert and Nadja Kahlert Wisemarkt. The slogan of the Berliners is: “Purchase by app at a fixed price. Without waiting ”.

Music at home
Behind the young company MusikDaheim is a “platform that brings teachers and learners together for online music lessons. Live and in color ”. The startup, which was founded by Maik Klokow and Bassam Abdul-Salam, relies on one-to-one tuition.

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