News : 61 years, 12,000 km per year and 2,000 hours

News : 61 years, 12,000 km per year and 2,000 hours

David Simon, the King of Strava in 2020

It seems we have the Absolute ‘king’ worldwide of the social network of runners par excellence, Strava. In this ‘fight’ that we usually have with our friends and training partners to see who is the one who travels the most kilometers and, in general, the one who is the craziest, it turns out that an American named David Simon, 61 years old, arrives. of age, and all the satisfaction that we could feel for our misdeeds collapses us with a blow.

Obviously it is irony, since each runner knows their limits, both physical and time, and trains according to their will and what the body asks of them. But the point is that anything will be dwarfed by the exorbitant and surreal figures of this Californian that in 2020 it seems that he literally just dedicated himself to running.

32km daily ‘Long runs’

The magazine ‘Men’s Health’ publishes a report in which he delves into the world of this unknown ‘runner’ (at least in our parts) who, eye to the fact, has climbed races on Strava for a total amount of 12,000 kilometers. 12,000 kilometers spread over a whole year and that leave us an average of 30 kilometers per day. Simon has invested 2,000 hours of his time into it.

The American tells several curiosities of his day to day, such as that he has not been injured in the 40 years he has been running. His most repeated training is the ‘long runs’ of 32 kilometers. David says that before he could travel the 20 miles in 2-3 hours, but that now he spends five in doing it, since, of course, with age he slows down.

10 years in a row at the Los Angeles Marathon

“Running changed my life. I got fitter, healthier, more confident and happier. Now if I miss a day, I bounce off the walls. It has become my version of meditation, an escape from the pressures of the real world, ”says Simon. “I have always been among the best riders. I am proud of that, considering that I am also probably older than most of the other riders, ”adds David, who He ran the Los Angeles Marathon for 10 years in a row (He has a personal best of 3h20 ′). Rhythms are not important to him.

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