News : 7 new startups that we are monitoring extremely closely

News : 7 new startups that we are monitoring extremely closely

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It’s time for new startups again! Here are some very young startups that everyone should know. Today we are introducing these startups: BlinkIn, Unleash Future Boats,, Bodybase, 4Gene, neopolis and koppla.

7 new startups that we are monitoring extremely closely is once again presenting some young startups that were launched recently, i.e. in the past few weeks and months, as well as companies that have recently awakened from stealth fashion. By the way: There are even more new startups in our newsletter Startup radar.

BlinkIn relies on an AI-based visual support system for technical troubleshooting. The start-up company writes: “Help anyone. With anything. Anywhere! With one single click and no app download! Discover The all-in-one solution for better customer support ”.

Unleash Future Boats
Unleash Future Boats develops autonomous and environmentally friendly ships. “They have an electric drive with fuel cells and green hydrogen. This means that they are completely emission-free – for the air, for the water and in terms of noise pollution, ”the founders say.
The start-up enables the shared use of private and company charging stations for electric vehicles. “We believe that charging stations for e-cars are available everywhere and should be fed by green electricity,” says the self-description of the start-up company.

Body base
Bodybase offers women who want to train a digital personal trainer with which they can train anywhere and anytime. “Our workouts and exercises help you to change your habits in a positive way and to lose weight at home”, say the founders Melike Mesin and Kadir Su.

The Munich startup 4Gene offers programmable flavorings for a wide variety of applications. “With the technology, almost all flavors can be processed in such a way that a molecular bond is possible. This means a revolution for the cosmetics industry, ”the startup announced.

neopolis would like to improve the collaborative processing of text documents. The neopolis plug-in is integrated directly into Word. The concept says: “Our Word plug-in enables parallel and controlled collaboration without having to convert existing processes or software”.

The koppla team is developing a communication platform for construction and trade. “Delivery notes, time recording, defects, construction site chat, weather – document the construction site digitally via koppla. As easy as ordering pizza after work ”, promise the founders.

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